Tractor Game: 5 Best Tractor Games Currently Available For Android and iPhone!

Tractors and farms are among the sights we encounter in the countryside. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to operate a tractor. A tractor can assist in a variety of ways, including pulling heavy machinery, plowing the field, and transporting goods to the market. Now that we don’t have the opportunity to visit the countryside or learn how to drive a tractor, we provide the finest tractor games for Android and iOS that can give you a sense of that.

Using your driving talents, you can help cultivate a farm or deliver things to their destination in these games. These games are especially popular among toddlers and young children, but everyone is welcome to play them.

The Top 5 Tractor Games To Play

1. Heavy Tractor Trolley Driver Simulator Game

Tractor Game

Drive carefully across the undulations of the mountainous roads and deliver the cargo to its destination. You will operate and drive a tractor in this game. You must travel in the direction of the arrows and through the red-marked region on the road in order to pick up and drop off the load at its destination.

All you must do is drive the tractor down the hill without crashing it. Simply follow the game’s offered instructions and objectives to complete a level. It will have forward and reverse arrows with a pause on the right side of the screen.

You can also modify the manner of tractor controls between arrows, steering, and device tilting. It also permits altering the camera’s angle, however, I find this feature useless because it does not provide a nice perspective.

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2. Tractor Hero

Tractor Game

Similar to Go Tractor, but with better visuals and more difficult levels. The objective of the game is to convey various fruits and vegetables to their assigned destinations within the allotted time. If the collected items fall off the trolley, the mission will not be completed.

In the game, you can select from a variety of trucks and drivers. To unlock new tractors, you can purchase them using coins earned. Keep track of the achievements and complete them to get additional money. The best part is that it is available for both Android and iOS.

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3. Chained Tractor Bus Simulator

Tractor Game

This is one of the best tractor games in which you must carry buses attached to tractors to a certain destination within a time limit while driving off-road. If the activity is performed within the allotted time, you will receive monetary compensation. You can use these coins to purchase other available tractors in the game.

The game’s visuals are impressive, and the controls are responsive. The difficulty increases as you advance through the levels. You will encounter obstacles, steep mountain routes, and slopes to see how well you can drive your tractor and the bus that is attached to it. On the hilly routes, there are also diverse weather conditions, such as sun, rain, and snow, to test your abilities.

4. Modern Tractor Transport Driving Simulation

Tractor Game

The purpose of this farm tractor driving simulator game is identical to that of the preceding game. You will not only be able to drive in mountainous terrain, but also on roads that are inclined. Using your tractor driving skills, deliver farm goods to the market or raw materials to companies.

The two games are nearly identical, with a few minor differences. In this game, you can choose from among three tractors. The camera views in this game are vastly superior to those in the preceding game. In addition, an on-screen map will be displayed to indicate where you must go. This game is more difficult since you must prevent the load from falling off the tractor’s cart or the game will finish.

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5. Tractor Drive 3D: Offroad Sim Farming Game

Tractor Game

Prepare to nurture crops and plow fields with one of the best 3D tractor driving games. In this game, you assume the role of a farmer and utilize your tractors to cultivate your property. You have four tractor options available in your garage. To unlock the unavailable tractors, you can watch a free advertisement video.

Moving forward, you must finish each work within a certain time frame or you will need to start from the beginning. The driving controls include arrows, tilt, and steering wheel, just like the previous two games. This game has a button for starting and stopping the tractor’s engine, which I find to be a notable feature. The graphics and 3D quality are fairly impressive and fluid.

Tractor Game

Additionally, you can choose the crop for which you wish to farm. Unfortunately, new crops must be purchased through in-app purchases. You must attach several machines to the tractor in order to cultivate, plow, sow, and harvest crops. The items will become accessible as you progress through the levels.