In a Brand-New Video, Try Guys Tackle the Metaphorical Elephant in The Room.!

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Try Guys Tackle the Metaphorical Elephant in The Room

Following the departure of their fourth member, Ned Fulmer, the Try Guys have resumed releasing new videos. The group made the decision to talk about the physical elephant in the room as well.

After he established a mutually beneficial working relationship, Ned and the other Try Guys members announced his departure from the group on September 27 and expressed their regret to his followers as well as his wife.

Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang, who currently make up The Try Guys, also said they will continue even without Ned.

Try Guys Bring an Elephant as A ‘Fourth Member

The remaining Try Guys members gathered on October 3, a few days after the crisis began, and discussed what had happened while filming a video.

As they had already recorded content with Ned for upcoming videos on the channel, they provided a timeline of the events while pleading with followers to be patient as they came up with a solution.

Following the release of their film, The Try Guys Make Pop-Tarts Without A Recipe, fans were finally able to witness what the boys had decided to accomplish. Fans will notice that Ned has been removed from the majority of the sequences in the tape, and neither his face nor voice can be heard.

Try Guys Tackle the Metaphorical Elephant in The Room

The group chose to put an animated elephant, who finished fourth in the competition, in the sections that they were unable to edit as expertly. However, keen viewers may notice his T-shirt and chest near the beginning of the judging portion of the movie and afterward observe two hands peeling a banana.

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A Look at The Drama

Last month, a video surfaced on TikTok that claimed Ned had a love relationship with someone other than his wife, Ariel. This led to a dispute that played out online.

Fans also saw that Ned had not been included in any Try Guys posts or videos since September. People started to wonder what was going on.

Try Guys made the decision to divulge all the details and clarify that Ned was no longer a member of the gang while the tea was still steaming. On their official Try Guys social media sites, the three made the announcement.

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Ned Fulmer’s Apology Explored

Ned also came forward and issued an apology on his social media shortly after that.

Family should have always been my top priority, but I strayed and had a friendly working connection, wrote Ned.

Try Guys Tackle the Metaphorical Elephant in The Room

I apologize for any harm my actions may have brought to the boys, the fans, and especially Ariel.

I’m going to concentrate all of my attention on my marriage and my kids since those are the only things that count right now.

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