Houston Life Host Courtney Zavala Is Departing KPRC 2 This Week!

what happened to courtney zavala

Once the host of the weekday afternoon lifestyle show Houston Life on KPRC 2 in Houston, she has moved on to other things. According to local media blogger Mike McGuff, Courtney Zavala is departing the talk program after five years of co-hosting with Derrick Shore.

According to McGuff, Shore announced Zavala’s departure live on Wednesday, but he did not say why she was leaving. “After more than five years at ‘Houston Life,’ Courtney Zavala is moving on,” Shore stated. Zavala has been with KPRC for 20 years.

Her final broadcast was yesterday. To be honest, Courtney, I’ve never had a buddy and partner quite like you. He also thought back on the fun times he and Zavala shared while working on the project.

You were always game for an enjoyable time, and we have had many good laughs and mutually supported each other in our on-air and off-air endeavors. And I’ve lost track of how many cocktails we’ve consumed.

Shore said, noting that the two people are still friends in real life, “I am looking forward to sharing more memories with you and to many more laugh attacks as well. Courtney connects so well with your audience. This show, our staff, and ‘Houston Life‘ have won her heart.

As a result, many viewers were caught off guard by the abrupt ending. On Wednesday, as Houston Life altered its Facebook cover photo sans Zavala or Shore, some people expressed their disappointment in the comments.

I really wished Courtney could have said farewell to her audience in person. At the very least, someone said, “that station owed her that.” She brought Houston to life!” She and Derrick had duplicatable chemistry. We shall miss you, Courtney.

Zavala replaced Jennifer Broome as the show’s co-host in 2017, replacing Shore as the only host. She has also served as a weekend morning anchor for KPRC 2.

Zavala, a native of Chicago, has covered local news for several outlets including FOX 13 News Utah KTSU and ABC Big News KMID Midland – Odessa before landing at KPRC 2 in 2003.

Where Did Courtney Zavala Go?

Where Did Courtney Zavala Go?

Courtney Zavala, a well-known American journalist and co-host on Houston Life TV on KPRC (an NBC station), according to mike mc guff. The quest for What Happened To Courtney Zavala has attracted increased attention.

Courtney Zavala’s background is detailed here. Courtney Zavala, a fixture on Houston’s KPRC as a weekend morning anchor, has decided to leave the station after 13 years. Courtney Zavala, a media blogger, notified Mike McGuff that her contract had expired; the station presented a new one, which Zavala declined.

Instead of informing McGuff it was time to leave, “it’s an opportunity for her to bow out graciously and move out the way she wants to go out,” Zavala told McGuff. “Coming to this decision was not simple, and it took a number of months.”

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Closing Statement by Courtney Zavala Live from Houston, on KPRC 2

When Courtney Zavala graduated with her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Saint Xavier University in 1994, she went to work for the KMID station in Midland. Later, she spent five years at KSTU in Utah.

Zavala moved back to Texas in 2003 and started working at KPRC 2 for the first time. After leaving in 2016, she came back to Houston in 2017 to take over for Jennifer Broome on Houston Life. Since then, Courtney Zavala has co-hosted a lifestyle program with Derrick Shore in the afternoons.

After twenty years on the air, Zavala’s regular listeners noted that she had been absent from a number of programs in the previous year. Shore shocked the Houston Life audience on January 18 by announcing Zavala’s departure. On January 17th, she aired her final show on KPRC.

Courtney Zavala is leaving KPRC after twenty years and ‘Houston Life’ after more than five. As of yesterday [17 January 2023], she is no longer a part of our show. I’ve never had a buddy and collaborator like you, Courtney,” Shore stated on air.

Although Zavala has been quite present on social media, he has yet to issue a formal remark. Zavala and Shore have been silent about her departure and its significance. KPRC is also silent.

From what Derrick Shore has said, it seems that Zavala is not leaving on a sour note. Residents of Houston are anticipating her imminent return to the airwaves.

Still, Houston Life viewers can’t believe it. People have been posting in the station’s and Zavala’s social media comment sections constantly inquiring where she is. They are watching her social media accounts for any sign of an official reaction from her.

Courtney, the show’s longtime host, has been shown the door.

Courtney, the show's longtime host, has been shown the door.

Although Courtney Zavala has not commented on her plans beyond Houston Life, her KPRC fans are sure to miss her. Since Derrick Shore’s confirmation that Zavala will not be returning to the show, a lot of the former anchor’s supporters have taken to the internet to express their disappointment.

As the old saying goes, “Please don’t tell me that’s real!” One of your fans tweeted, “Please don’t leave Houston Life.” They continued, saying, “We watched every day because you produced the program!”

As of now, Derrick Shore has said nothing further about Courtney Zavala’s departure.

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