When Did Harold Henthorn Disappear? He Will Likely Remain in Federal Jail for Life

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where is harold henthorn now

Killer Harold Henthorn was coldly methodical and cunning. Evidence that he murdered his first wife, Sandra ‘Lynn’ Henthorn, led to his conviction for the murder of his second wife, Toni Bertolet. Authorities had initially determined Sandra’s death to be an accident, but after Harold used the same tactic with Toni, they realized he was a heartless opportunist murderer.

Henthorn had his wives killed so he could collect on their insurance plans. He received $500,000 upon Lynn’s passing and expected to receive a substantial chunk of Toni’s $4.7 million life insurance claim. But the prosecution was successful in convincing the jury that Harold was guilty, so he wouldn’t get to keep the money. The judge imposed a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

The Supreme Court of The United States Did Not Agree to Hear Harold’s Appeal, Thus He Will Spend the Rest of His Life Behind Bars.

Harold Is Currently Serving His Sentence at A Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. He Will Very Certainly Spend the Rest of His Life in A Federal Prison. After the Us Supreme Court Declined to Accept Henthorn’s Case, He Has Little Hope of Successfully Appealing His Trial or Conviction.

Assistant Us Attorney Bob Troyer Remarked, “today’s Conviction Guarantees that Harold Henthorn Will Never Hurt or Kill Another Woman.” He Will Probably Spend the Rest of His Life Behind Bars.

Harold Claimed that The District Judge Made a Mistake by Allowing Evidence Related to Sandra Henthorn’s Death Into Evidence, but The Us Circuit Court of Appeals Disagreed. the Prosecution Used Sandra’s Death to Emphasize the Parallels Between Hers and Toni. the Court of Appeals upheld the District Court’s Decision to Allow the Evidence to Be Presented. the Ruling Stated:

where is harold henthorn now

In This Instance, We Are Faced with The Challenging Question of Whether or Not the District Court Erred by Allowing Evidence of Past, Similar Incidents, Such as Whether or Not the Defendant Killed His Second Wife Under Circumstances Similar to Those that Led to The Death of His First Wife.

Similarities Between Toni and Sandra’s Killings Are Difficult to Deny. Harold Was the Only Eyewitness to Both Murders, but He Presented Inconsistent Accounts of What Happened. Henthorn Quickly Incinerated Their Bodies and Dispersed the Ashes on Red Mountain.

Due to The Fact that Investigators Did Not Want to Make the Same Error They Did 17 Years Before, They Did Not Rule Toni’s Death an Accident. They Discovered that Two Weeks Prior to Toni’s Death, Harold Had Trekked the Infamous Path, Possibly Scouting Locations for Her Murder.

The Coroner Found No Evidence to Support Harold’s Assertions that He Attempted Cpr on Toni. Her Lipstick Was Still On, so We Can Rule out Harold’s Claims of Performing Mouth-To-Mouth, and There Were No Bruises or Other Indicators of Chest Compressions on Her Anterior Ribs.

A Map with An X Drawn Over the Spot Where Toni Was Killed, Created by Harold, Was Perhaps the Most Incriminating Piece of Evidence. Since Harold Had No Defense, He Was Doomed to Jail Because of The X.

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Henthorn Claimed His Attorney Sabotaged Him and Asked for A Fresh Trial.

Harold Claimed His Attorney Had Failed Him and Asked for A Fresh Trial. Despite Paying Attorney Craig Truman Over a Million Dollars, He Alleged that Truman “acted in His Own Self-Interest and Put His Personal Financial Benefit Ahead of Presenting a Proper Defense for Me.”

Truman Was Labeled a Con Artist by Henthorn, Whose only Goal Was to Extort Money from Him. Harold Also Said that Truman Had Stopped Him from Providing Input on The Defense Plan. in Addition, Henthorn Stated:

where is harold henthorn now

He Was Not on My Side and Lied to Me for His Own Benefit. when Someone Is Accused of Murder, Having a Defense Attorney Who Lies and Manipulates the Truth to Protect Them Is neither Just or Fair. as A Result, I’d Like a New Trial Where I Can Be Represented by A Lawyer I Can Trust.

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Since Harold’s Appeals Have Been Denied at Every Level,

This Application Is His Last Chance.

Lynn’s Sister Thinks She May Have Been Harold’s Third Victim if Not for Lynn and Their Parents.
During Harold’s Sentence, Members of Toni and Lynn’s Families Submitted Emotional Impact Statements. Kevin Richell, Lynn’s Brother, Admitted His Inability to See Through Harold’s Deceit and Offered His Apologies to Toni’s Family. Richell Expressed Deep Regret, “we Are Beyond Sorry for Not Seeing Through It.” Somewhere in Hell, in My Opinion, Is a Designated Area for People Like Him.

Barbara Cashman, Haley’s Guardian Ad Litem, Stated that Haley Was Worried that She Might End up Just Like Her Father. the Possibility of Severe Emotional Injury Was Real, According to Barbara. the Good News Is That She Reported that Haley Had Matured Throughout Her Separation From Her Father. She Continued by Saying that Haley No Longer Considered Harold to Be Her Father:

Haley Is Finally Able to Grieve Over Her Mother without Harold Henthorn Constantly Assuring Her that Everything Is Alright. that Halloween Was Her First Time Participating in The Trick-Or-Treating Tradition. Haley No Longer Wants to Call Harold Her Father and Instead Calls Him “mr. Henthorn.”

Grace Rishell Watched What Was Going On, Mystified as To how She Had Evaded Harold’s Trap. After Lynn Passed Away, Harold Remained Close to Her Family and Assisted Grace in Caring for Her Young Children. He Persuaded Her to Buy a $250,000 Life Insurance Policy in 2009, and She Did so For the Sake of Her Kids.

After a year, She Notified Harold’s Broker to Terminate the Policy. Grace Says of Harold in Hulu’s Wild Crime, “he [harold] Came Back at Me With, ‘After All I’ve Spent Investing in You, Pouring All of Our Knowledge, All of Our Information – and You’re Not Thankful. His Level of Control Seemed Unprecedented to Me.

where is harold henthorn now

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Grace Didn’t Realize that Harold Kept the Policy Active but Instead Made Himself the Beneficiary and Upped the Payout to $400,000. Grace Said, “I Was Just Shocked” when She Learned of Harold’s Betrayal. I Seriously Considered Myself the Third Potential Victim. Why Haven’t I Realized He’s a Fake?

Grace told the Denver Post that In August of 2012, She Believes Harold Traveled to Texas to Scout out Suitable Locations for Murder Staging. It’s Spooky, Scary, and Ugly, She Remarked. as The Speaker Puts It, “you Feel Used. the Air Makes You Feel Polluted. It’s a Mystery to Me Why I’m Still Here While Lynn and Toni Are Dead.

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