Who Is Fahad Al Kubaisi, The Artist Who Worked on Dreamers with Jungkook?

Who Is Fahad Al Kubaisi

Fans have already taken to Jungkook’s song Dreamers from the FIFA World Cup, but who is Fahad Al Kubaisi, the artist who collaborated with the BTS singer?

Since the news of Jungkook’s new song’s confirmation, fans have been anticipating its release. On November 20, their wait was finally over.

The song quickly won the hearts of listeners, and some even praised the artist for his performance by posting uplifting comments on social media.

Who Is Fahad Al Kubaisi?

Qatari singer, record producer, model, and advocate for human rights is Fahad. His music is well-known throughout the Gulf nations, particularly in the Persian Gulf and Maghreb, according to SK Productions.

He is renowned for crafting Khaliji music and recently released two new songs that quickly racked up over 9 million views.

Who Is Fahad Al Kubaisi

Since he was a high school student, Fahad has been creating music. He initially issued an album while he was a student, and then he followed that up by releasing a second album while he was employed as a lecturer.

He was able to pursue music full-time thanks to his career success.

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Singer collaborates with Jungkook

Fahad and Jungkook worked together to create the song’s melody, and it has already become incredibly popular.

Additionally, musicians including Nicki Minaj, Maluma, Davido, Myriam Fares, and others have contributed to the soundtrack.

The song has been teased by BigHit Entertainment for a while, and on November 20, when the singer played it live on stage, the public finally got to hear it.

On November 23, the song’s music video will be made available on FIFA’s official YouTube channel.

Who Is Fahad Al Kubaisi

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Fans React to The Song

As fans began responding to Jungkook’s new music, he quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

One person commented, “IM CRYING!!! Jungkook is an absolute legend! His dancing was amazing, and his singing was flawless. With that performance, he simply won over a tonne of new followers.

“Yoongi is really accurate because you can literally sense how much of a stadium experience jungkook has viewed his dreamer’s performance,” a commenter furthered. He was completely at ease.

Who Is Fahad Al Kubaisi

“Jungkook performed brilliantly at the World Cup. It was popular not only with the Army but also with townspeople and non-Army members. Dreamers garnered over 120K Shazams soon after the performance, proving how popular it was! I can’t wait to see what JK does next,” a third person chimed in.

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