Who Is Jennie From BLACKPINK Dating? Who Has The Global Star Been Linked to Romantically?

Who Is Jennie From BLACKPINK Dating? Jennie, the international star and member of the biggest girl band in the world, BLACKPINK, is again in the headlines as the hottest topic. Jennie has always been linked to various K-pop idols for her friendly nature towards her male friends in the industry.

The recent news about the confirmed relationship between Jisoo and Ahn Bo-Hyun, K-media, and Blinks has become more interested in the private lives of members of BLACKPINK. Jennie has always been a part of the talks when it comes to discussing the personal lives of the artists.

Rumors and speculations surrounding Jennie’s romantic relationship have always interested fans. Keep reading the article to get your hands on the exclusive details about Jenni’s love life.

Who is Jennie From BLACKPINK Dating?

Jenni from BLACKPINK is not dating anyone for now. Jennis’ name has been linked with some big names in the K-industry, but the singer is not seeing anyone right now and is focused on her career. She has recently appeared in the famous series ‘The Idol’.

who is jennie from blackpink dating

Moreover, the company has a ‘dating ban’. however, it is not clear if the company still follows, given that Jennie has previously been involved in a romantic public relationship with Kai, and recently, Jisoo is confirmed to have been in a public relationship with actor Ahn Bo-hyun.

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Is Jennie Dating EXO’s Kai?

In December 2018, after being snapped on a date with Kai, a member of the boy band EXO, rumors of the two datings swirled around on social media. The rumors first began in October 2028 when the two posted romantic photos in front of the Eiffel Tower. Although the photos posted were clicked separately, it was easy for fans to catch on the hints.

who is jennie from blackpink dating

In 2019, Kai’s management company, SM Entertainment, confirmed the romantic relationship between Jennie and Kai. However, shortly after this, the couple broke up and the company again confirmed that the two had parted ways.

“It is true that Kai and Jennie have recently parted ways.”

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Is Jennie Dating BTS’ V?

Jennie has also been related to other Korean celebrities. Big names among these stars include G-Dragon from the K-pop group Big Bang and Kim Taehyung, aka V, from the most popular boy band in the world, BTS.

On May 2022, photos of Jennie and BTS’ V surfaced the internet. The two were seemingly driving the car together on Jeju Islands in South Korea. After the release of the pictures, YG Entertainment issues another statement asking the fans to respect the privacy of the stars.

“We can not confirm anything about our artists’ personal lives. We ask for your understanding.”

who is jennie from blackpink dating

The two were yet again spotted walking on the streets of Paris hand in hand. HYBE, Kim Taehyung’s agency, as well as YG Entertainment, Jennie’s agency told Sports Seoul, via Soompi that “it is difficult to check”. However, not much after, confessions from a con artist surfaced on the internet. The artist confirmed that he was behind it. fans also speculated that the couple in the photos were not Jennie and Kim Taehyung but someone else trying to impersonate them. The same goes for pictures of the two shared on social media anonymously in 2022, fans confirmed that the images were edited and morphed.

YG Entertainment also launched an investigation into Jennie’s photos being leaked when back-to-back photographs of the two were uploaded on the internet anonymously, sparking a wave of “indiscriminate rumors, criticism, personal attacks, sexual harassment”.

who is jennie from blackpink dating

“We have officially requested the police to investigate who first circulated Jennie’s photos. YG has been consistently monitoring the matter and filed a lawsuit in September after collecting information.”

To sum up, Jennie is not dating anyone at the moment ad it is extremely important to respect her personal life. It might be true that she is dating someone in secrecy or has dated someone in secret previously but that is justified for the amount of hate idols get for getting into a public relationship is disheartening. We wish the best for the singer.