The Dropout: How Much of It Is Based on Reality?

who is the dropout based on

Three episodes of the highly anticipated miniseries The Dropout are now available to stream on Disney Plus.

The Theranos Saga is a Hulu/Disney Plus series based on the unusual true story of the firm and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, a 19-year-old Stanford dropout who convinced investors, doctors, and journalists that her company’s blood test would permanently change the way diseases were diagnosed.

Where Has Everyone Been Hiding Out, and Who Exactly Is Elizabeth Holmes?

Holmes established Theranos, a healthcare technology firm.

The story begins in 2002 when Holmes enrolled at Stanford University in California to pursue a chemical engineering degree and quickly began coming up with ideas for groundbreaking new products. The first was an adhesive patch that would monitor a person’s immune system and dispense antibiotics on a predetermined schedule if it detected an infection. Professor of Medicine Dr. Phyllis Gardner told Holmes that her plan while intriguing in theory, was physically impossible to implement, but Holmes apparently ignored the academic’s expertise as a gross underestimate of her competence.

who is the dropout based on

Holmes left Stanford before beginning her second year in order to devote her time to developing the technology at the heart of her new company, Theranos. She put the rest of her college budget into developing a device that might utilize a single blood sample to detect multiple diseases at once, including cancer and diabetes.

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Is The Dropout Based on A True Story?

This is the case, and the first three episodes of the Hulu miniseries give the impression that the drama sticks closer to the actual events depicted than the typical work of this genre. Most people are aware that there actually was a real-life Holmes who founded a firm named Theranos that failed due to flawed technology.

Specifically, The Dropout was inspired by a podcast of the same name about the Theranos crisis, which debuted in early 2019 and consisted of six episodes. After the success of the podcast that ABC News had produced, the content was adapted into a two-hour 20/20 broadcast.

who is the dropout based on

One of the real-life persons represented in The Dropout is journalist and author John Carreyrou, who investigated Theranos’ false claims for The Wall Street Journal. However, the miniseries is not based on Carreyrou’s book Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (2018). However, a film adaptation featuring Jennifer Lawrence as Holmes/Theranos is in the works.

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Who’s in The Dropout Cast on Hulu?

Amanda Seyfried, Who Has Already Starred in Such Films as Mamma Mia! and Mean Girls, Is One of The More Recognizable Faces in The Dropout Cast. She Plays the Title Character, Elizabeth Holmes, in Hulu’s the Dropout, Opposing Naveen Andrews’ Character, Sunny Balwani, the Chief Operating Officer of Theranos.

who is the dropout based on

William H. Macy, Who Plays Dr. Richard Fuisz, an Innovator and Entrepreneur Who Assisted Journalists in Uncovering the Truth About Theranos, Rounds out The Cast of The Dropout. While Dylan Minnette Portrays Whistleblower Tyler Shultz, Sam Waterston Plays George Shultz, Tyler’s Grandfather and A Board Director of The Corporation.

Both Lauri Metcalf as A Stanford Professor and Stephen Fry as Theranos’ Lead Scientist Ian Gibbons Make for Interesting Cameos.

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