Why Is There No Pregnant Barbie? Barbie’s Pregnant Best Friend Yanked From the Barbie Land?

Why Is There No Pregnant Barbie?  Barbie movie hit the theatres in mid-July and has been on the top charts since then. People showing up to watch the movie in pink outfits have successfully hijacked social media. The movie is not just any kids’ film on Barbies, it’s an emotion.

Greta Gerwig has focused on minute details surrounding the ‘life’ of Barbie. However, fans, barbie collectors, and critics have found a few fascinating questions regarding the storyline or screenplay of the Blockbuster movies Barbie.

Pregnant Barbie has been one of the questions. The movie showed a cameo of Midge and Alan and this sparked controversy as to why are there no pregnant Barbies. let’s uncover the reality behind the decision not to have a pregnant Barbie. Is it because they are not famous? Or is the answer more deep-rooted in how society works?

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Why Is There No Pregnant Barbie?

why is there no pregnant barbie

The pink sets of Barbie movies incorporated the sheer amount of Barbies and Kens onscreen. The storyline included controversial and discontinued Barbies as well. But it was limited to the ‘successful’ Barbies with a perfect physique, as stated by several critics.

Barbie Collectors-turned-critics were not happy with the pregnant Barbie’s appearance on only a fringe of scenes in the movie. The perfect Barbie was surrounded by Doctor Barbie, Writer Barbie, but not with her supposed best friend, the Pregnant Barbie.

The reason for including too much screen time for the pregnant Barbie must have been that the Barbie was discontinued because of ‘how weird she looked’ and hence, to not disappoint the viewers, the filmmakers might have taken on this difficult decision.

However, we do see the Pregnant Barbie cradling her belly at the end, in the hope that she’d be more included in the time to come.

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Was There Never A Pregnant Barbie, To Begin With?

why is there no pregnant barbie

There was one pregnant Barbie in the past. Pregnant Barbie did see the light of the outside world, sitting on the racks of the Walmart. however, it did not last long and Pregnant Barbie was pulled out of the shelves. CBS News revealed that people found it too weird and found the doll horrifying to be given to kids.

Others had concerns not with the pregnant Barbie per se, but with the detachable stomach, the Barbie came with. Customers did not see it fit for their kids to pull out the stomach of the plastic Barbie and ‘deliver’ the plastic baby while playing.

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The Story Of The Pregnant Barbie: Midge

why is there no pregnant barbie

Midge has a sad, SAD story. The Barbie now only exists in the unofficial discontinued Barbie Hall of Fame.

Midge was introduced to the Barbieland in 1963 as the only pregnant Barbie to be ever made in Barbie History. She was Barbie’s best friend. The belly of Midge was a magnet that could be removed and kids did remove it, only to find a small baby inside Midge.

However, Midge was discontinued in 1967 and although like Allan, who is known as the ‘Sugar Daddy Ken’, Midge enjoyed several resurrections in the 80s and 90s, it was all in vain and the pregnant Barbie Midge was sold in 2002, coming to an abrupt end.