Tik Tok Users Accuse Qatar of Promoting the 2022 World Cup with Fake Fans.!

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World Cup with Fake Fans

Some have claimed that Qatar may have paid fake supporters to support foreign teams in order to help promote the 2019 World Cup after watching TikTok videos uploaded by a Qatari corporation.

The FIFA 2022 World Cup is quickly approaching after receiving much media attention throughout the year. On Sunday, November 21, the host nation Qatar will play host to Ecuador in the tournament’s opening match.

The tournament has already caused a great deal of controversy, the latest of which started when users of the social media platform TikTok expressed their misgivings about some of the supporters who are in Qatar in advance of the event commencing.

Qatar Living account posts footage of fans celebrating World Cup build-up

The video in question was published by Qatar Living, a website that supports regional businesses in Qatar and publishes advice and travel recommendations for visitors.

Several videos posted on their TikTok account showed crowds of fans gathered in Doha, the capital of Qatar, who were allegedly cheering for countries including Argentina, Brazil, and England.

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@qatarliving?refer=embed” target=”_blank” title=”@qatarliving“>@qatarlivingsupporters of the Brazilian national team in Doha Corniche original sound – qatarliving

Each group of supporters could be seen donning the colors of their country, waving flags, holding up banners, and even dancing and chanting in an upbeat manner.

TikTok users suggest that Qatar’s World Cup fans may be fake

A huge number of the movies were uploaded on Friday, November 4, about 16 days before the World Cup began, but since each country was represented by a sizable number of fans, some users questioned the authenticity of the clips.

Many watchers saw in the England fan clip that the fans played various instruments as they marched together rather than engaging in much chanting.

I do wonder if they just hired random individuals to cheer, a person commented below the post.

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@qatarliving?refer=embed” target=”_blank” title=”@qatarliving“>@qatarlivingEngland original sound – qatarliving

Images shared on Twitter by B/R Football also showed that numerous Brazilian supporters were sporting T-shirts with the words “Brazil Fans Qatar” on the back.

It’s unclear if this indicates that Qatar gave these T-shirts to the Brazilian fans in Doha or if they are merely mementos.

Reports claim some fans are being paid to attend Qatar World Cup

Just a few weeks ago, allegations surfaced on TikTok that some football fans were being paid to serve as tournament ambassadors. Now there are claims that there are phony supporters at the World Cup in Qatar.

On November 4, The Guardian reported that, as official representatives of the World Cup, groups of fans from England and Wales will receive compensation for their travel expenses and invitations to the opening ceremony.

World Cup with Fake Fans

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Up to 80 individuals from throughout England and Wales have accepted to accept positions as representatives, a position that, according to The Guardian, will require those supporters to abide by “certain terms and conditions.”

The fan ambassadors, according to representatives of the Qatar World Cup, “have a significant role” in the competition.

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