How to Watch the 2022 TikTok vs. YouTube Fight?

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youtube vs tiktok boxing

When the camera focuses on the faces of the two boxers as they prepare for a major fight, boxing matches always appear exciting and captivating. But wait, what? How about putting this battle between two representatives of two social sites in a virtual setting?

If you’ve never heard of the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match, we’ll talk about it now. This short post will explain how to watch the TikTok vs. YouTube fight, as well as when it will begin and on what channel.

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What Was Youtube vs. TikTok Boxing?

If you haven’t heard, the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match was a 2021 white-collar amateur boxing match that Social Gloves organised. The primary conflict, if I’m being completely honest, included the 183-cm tall American YouTuber Austin McBroom and the American TikToker Bryce Hall.

The winners may be honoured with personalised medals. To distinguish the various game achievements, these bespoke medals can actually be plated with various coatings, such as gold, silver, etc. To make the medals more unique, their names and organisations can also be inscribed.

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YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing Date and Time

When Does YouTube vs. TikTok Begin? the Boxing Match Took Place at Miami Gardens, Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium on June 12, 2021. the Battle of The Platforms Was the Name Given to The Event by “social Gloves,” as You Are Aware. Additionally, Emily Austin, a Sports Writer, Served as The Conflict’s Correspondent.

There Were 16 Participants in Total (8 You Tubers and 8 Tik Tokers), and The Results of The Matches Are Listed Below;

Match #1

You Tuber: Ryan Johnston

Tik Toker: Cale Saurage

Winner: Ryan Johnson Won by Stopping Cale Saurage

In This Game, Saurage Narrowly Defeated Johnston in The First Round, 10–9, After a Lengthy and Gruelling Round 1. After Round One, the Fight Heated up In Round Two, Which Ryan Johnston Won Over Cale Saurage Just Before the Final Buzzer.

After Tying the Score at 10 in Round 2, Johnston Went on To Win Rounds 3 and 4, when The Referee Declared a Standing Eight-Count After Johnston Had Landed Enough Lethal Blows on Cale Saurage.

Match #2

You Tuber: Landon Mc Broom

Tik Toker: Ben Azelart

Winner: Landon Mc Broom Won Ben Azelart by TKO

People Were Asking Ben Azelart if He Had Any Chance Against You Tuber Landon Mc Broom Because He Admitted that He Hadn’t Even Taken a Single Punch until A Month Before the Fight. in Round 2, After Just a Second Standing Eight Count for Ben Azelart, the Referee Declared the Match in Favour of Mc Broom After an Eight-Count of 20 Seconds Early in The Round.

Match #3 (This Event Was Canceled)

You Tuber: Tanner Fox

Tik Toker: Ryland Storms

Winner: Cancelled

Tanner Fox Made the Decision to Withdraw from This Match, Which Resulted in The Match Being Called Off. Uncertainty Surrounds the Reasons for His Choice.

Match #4

You Tuber: Fa Ze Jarvis

Tik Toker: Michael Le

Winner: Fa Ze Jarvis Won Michael Le by Ko

In the First Ppv Undercard of The Evening versus The Tik Toker Michael Le, the British You Tuber Fa Ze Jarvis Won. the Tik Toker Guy, Who Had Two Standing Eight Counts for Michael Le in Round 1, Was Later Knocked out By a Devastating Right Hook in Round 2, and Fa Ze Jarvis Prevailed with AKO in The Fourth Round.

Match #5

You Tuber: Ddg

Tik Toker: Nate Wyatt

Winner: Ddg Won Nate Wyatt by Unanimous Decision

Although Ddg Outpunched Nate Wyatt by A Wide Margin (roughly Forty to Eight), This Was the First Fight in This Collection to Last the Full Five Rounds; There Were Two Standing Eights in Rounds 1 and 3.

Match #6

You Tuber: An Eson Gib

Tik Toker: Tayler Holder

Winner: An Eson Gib and Tayler Holder: Majority Draw

With an Undefeated 2-0 Amateur Boxing Record, an Epson Gib Seemed to Be One of The only “professional” Boxers on The Card. Tayler Holder, Though, Has Trained Alongside Fighters Like Canelo Alvarez. Gib Started out Strong in The Opening Few Rounds of This Competition as A Real Aggressor, Whereas Taylor Holder Seemed to Take a More Tactical Approach, Maybe in The Hopes that An Eson Gib Would Eventually Tyre Out. Taylor Holder, However, Did Not Want to Hear the Outcome.

Match #7

You Tuber: Deji

Tik Toker: Vinnie Hacker

Winner: Vinnie Hacker Won Deji by TKO

The Main Reason Vinnie Hacker Defeated Deji on This Occasion May Have Been that He Was Vastly Underrated in The Build-Up to The Battle. but By Ko-Ing You Tuber Deji Olatunji in Round 3, He Clearly Silenced His Detractors and Delivered a Much-Needed Victory for Team Tik Tok.

After a Little Slower Match Between Ddg and Nate Wyatt, This Fight Was Really Exciting, with Both Content Producers Putting Everything on The Line. the Match’s Course Was Altered by Hacker’s Right Hook in Round 2, Despite the War Initially Appearing to Be Tilted in Deji’s Favour. in Round 3, He Continued to Hit a Trapped Deji as The Referee Stopped the Contest.

Match #8

You Tuber: Austin Mc Broom

Tik Toker: Bryce Hall

Winner: Austin Mc Broom Won Bryce Hall by TKO

Austin Puts on A Consistently Good Performance During the First Rounds of The Match Despite the Two Social Media Stars’ Unexpected Glove-Touch Start to The Fight. Bryce Hall Lost Control in Round 2 when The Referee Urged the Two Boxers to Engage in A Clean Bout, Deducting Two Points from Him for Shady Manoeuvres.

The Fight Is Declared to Be in Favour of Austin After a Second Standing Eight Count in Round 3, During Which a Stunned Hall Takes a Few Hits to The Head. Surprisingly, Despite the Tension Between the Two Over the Previous Three Months, as They Embraced and Chatted After the Fight, It Was Obvious that Their Dispute Had Been Resolved.

Thus, the You Tubers Team Defeated the Tik Tokers Team 6-1. (the only Tik Toker Winner Was Vinnie Hacker).

How Much Did YouTube vs. TikTok PPV Cost?

YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing Date and Time

Many Viewers Will Be Dissatisfied to Witness YouTube vs. Tik Tok Boxing Once the “paying” Approach Appears. Austin Mc Broom Stated that “only the Haters Want to Believe that Thing” in Reference to The Event’s Predetermined Charge of 100,000 Pp vs. In Essence, the Con Artists Here Are Suggesting that All of The Fighters and Our Fan Bases Are Worthless. a Fantastic Classic, No?

The YouTube vs. Tik Tok Boxing Event’s Initial Ppv Cost Was 49.99 Usd, However, There Is a Service Fee that Brings the Price up To Almost 60 Usd. a Ppv Purchase Also Includes a Six-Month Live X Live Membership and A Unique Nft, so Keep in Mind that You Aren’t Just Getting This Event with It.

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How to Watch the TikTok vs. YouTube Fight

Live X Live, a Streaming Service Most Commonly Known for Its Live Concerts, Hosted the YouTube vs. Tik Tok Boxing Match as A Pay-Per-View Event. Simply Pay the Fee and Enjoy the Seven Thrilling YouTube vs. Tik Tok Boxing Matches.

How to Watch the TikTok vs. YouTube Fight

You Are Correct if You Believe It Is Unnecessary to Watch a Boxing Bout on A Streaming Service Like Live X Live. at The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, You Could Also See This Event Live.


I’m Grateful You Read. in This Post, We’ve Done Our Best to Address the Queries “when Does the TikTok vs. YouTube Fight,” “how to Watch the Tik Tok vs. YouTube Fight,” and “what Channel Is the Tik Tok vs. You Tube Battle,” and All Other Relevant Inquiries.

Is YouTube vs. Tik Tok Boxing returning? may be a question some people have. Well, anything may occur. Normally, that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon, but Deji has even challenged Bryce Hall to a battle, which may be a sign that another Battle of the Platforms event is coming up.

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