Fact Checking Policy

Every news piece on the site goes through a stringent vetting procedure, and we aim for a perfect record of 100% accurate headlines. We label rumors and insider reports as such to help our readers tell the difference between fact and the kind of business chatter that piques their interest but isn’t necessarily true.

We check that the data we use in articles is up-to-date and reliable before we publish them. Before starting any writing, we always double-check our facts by going back to the original source (and references, if necessary). We won’t call something confirmed until we’ve independently verified it to be so, even if other outlets have already reported it as fact. There will be no clickbait on our site. While our headlines can be brash, rest assured that we don’t make generalizations for the sake of making them. It must be true and verified by reliable sources. Articles are published to do more than merely cover the news; they also provide authoritative background on the topic at hand.

Our editors cover the video game conventions that our readers (both new and old) look forward to reading about. The staff is comprised of avid gamers, movie buffs, television junkies, and comic book nerds with degrees in fields as varied as film studies, creative writing, video production, and business management. We’re all here because we love providing our readers with the best and most interesting content possible.

Hearing Back From The Powers That Be

Whenever we report on a rumor, leak, or statement that has come from an unofficial source (Reddit, social media, YouTube channels, untested periodicals, etc.), we always contact a representative and/or public relations. Whether or if they respond, know that we tried to get in touch with them. It is important to us that everyone has a voice, so we make that possible. Experts in their fields, our writers and editors guarantee that all of our articles are up-to-date and comprehensive.

We adhere to standard journalism practices when we are the first to report on anything. We appreciate the constant communication we have with the industry’s top programmers, publishers, studios, and PR agencies.