Fact Checking Policy

Systematic Procedure for Verifying Claims

The staff of Therconline is dedicated to publishing content that is both informative and trustworthy. So that, you can be assured that everything you read on our site has been thoroughly investigated and confirmed. We have also established the following fact-checking procedure.

  1. Before any article is published, it is carefully investigated by our editors.
  2. Academic studies, government agencies, and respected news organizations are a few kinds of sources we rely on.
  3. We will either double-check the material through further investigation or take it out of the article if we find it to be unreliable.
  4. If an error was made in a published article, we will update it and provide notice of the change without delay.
  5. Readers are encouraged to provide comments and suggest edits. Write to us at [email protected] if you see any inaccuracies on our site; we will look into the claim and make any required changes.
  6. We would also appreciate recommendations for other resources or methods that could help us verify our claims.

Therconline is dedicated to the highest standards of journalism because we know that trustworthy information is crucial for making good choices. As part of this dedication, we work tirelessly to enhance and improve our fact-checking policy.