The Video of A Lamb Fetus Growing in A Fake Womb Is Not Something out Of a Science Fiction Book.

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Science Fiction Book

Internet viewers have been compelled to doubt the veracity of a viral video depicting a growing lamb fetus in an artificial womb, and we completely understand their suspicion! We were shocked to learn that it was a real scientific experiment that had been completed successfully a few years prior.

Twitter is flooded with comments from individuals who are amused by this phenomena, but just a few days earlier, a flock of sheep in China made headlines after a video of them traveling in a circle for days went viral.

Even though the experiment involving the lamb and a synthetic womb was conducted over five years ago, it has rekindled curiosity.

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TILL | A Mother’s Power Featurette

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Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia first carried out the experiment in 2017. Tech Insider posted the footage to YouTube.

To test if a premature lamb fetus would live, they kept it in an artificial womb for four weeks.

And what’s this? It supposedly “thrived,” as opposed to just surviving. According to legend, the fetus gained weight, developed a wool coat, and even opened its eyes. On eight additional lamb fetuses, they successfully completed the experiment.

The purpose of the project was to develop an artificial womb that might be able to maintain premature human newborns.


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Medical Setup Resembles Real Body Functioning

To help you comprehend how an artificial womb would be able to support life, allow us to give you a bit of additional background information.

The Biobag performs similarly to a real womb, while not looking much like one. As the uterus, the plastic bag envelops and shields the fetal lamb from the outer world.

The electrolyte solution in the bag circulates blood and converts carbon dioxide to oxygen in the same way as amniotic fluid in the uterus does.

Scientists noted at the time that further research was necessary before it could be tried on newborn people because lambs and humans are not the same.

Alan Flake, a fetal surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said: I think it’s reasonable to think of first-in-human studies taking three years.

Science Fiction Book

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Internet Reacts to The Scientific Experiment

2022 is a long time after the researchers’ stated deadline for doing the experiment on human infants. The old experiment is still fascinating people, nevertheless.

Wow.Thanks to this! said one. I can now give birth to my child with a new mother.

Another person said, “I assumed we would only have test tube babies, but it appears like bag babies are the next big thing.

They’re doing this and more, you better believe it, stated the third person.

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