50 Cent Fires Back at Melle Mel for Saying Eminem Is a Huge Success Because Em’s White

50 Cent has come to Eminem’s defense after Melle Mel said that the only reason Eminem is considered a top-five rapper is that he is White.

50 Cent called out Melle Mel in an Instagram post on March 5 for his negative comments about Eminem’s No. 5 spot on Billboard and Vibe’s lists of the 50 greatest rappers of all time.

“When Melly Mel was popping, there was more money selling drugs than being in hip hop. The culture has grown so much,” Fif wrote in an IG post that has since been taken down. “I’m not sure if it would be what it is now if artists like Eminem weren’t making music.

I don’t know if I would be the same person without him, but it’s a competitive world, so haters will hate it. LOL f**k outta here ! We don’t pay.”

50 cent melle mel eminem comments top five rapper

50 is talking about Melle Mel’s interview with the YouTube channel The Art of Dialogue, in which he talked down Eminem’s status in the rap game and, in particular, his No. 5 spot on Billboard and Vibe’s lists.

Mel said, “It’s clear that he knows how to rap.” “If you’re talking about sales, he made more money than anyone else. If you mean rhyme styles, then yes, he has rhyme styles. But he’s not Black.

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So, if Eminem were just another n***a like the rest of us, would he be in the top five on that list, where [No.] 35 is a n***a who rhymes just as well as him? That had all kinds of records and stuff. He’s 35.”

Melle Mel also said that if he were White, he’d be more prominent than Elvis because of what he’s done for hip-hop. So far, Melle Mel hasn’t said anything about what 50 Cent said.

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