6ix9ine’s Bodyguard Throws Down a Deadly Challenge to Tekashi’s Assailants – ‘IF YOU LOSE YOU DIE’

After 6ix9ine was attacked by several men at a LA Fitness in Lake Worth, Fla., his bodyguard is ready to fight.

6ix9ine’s bodyguard Bam-Bam spoke out on social media on March 22 after he was accused of being part of a plan to beat up 6ix9ine.

“First of all, thanks for the free promotion,” he wrote in the caption of an Instagram blog post that questioned his role (below). “I need it, but everyone in the city knows how I move, and none of my guys are going to move if they touch someone. Let alone f**k all the b*tches, as @6ix9ine just did… The last person who showed disrespect fell asleep in his own piss.”

6ix9ine's Bodyguard Throws Down a Deadly Challenge to Tekashi's Assailants - ‘IF YOU LOSE YOU DIE’

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“These Negas don’t even care that my ex-wife would beat their asses with a pillow fist. Weak-kneed clowns with weak-kneed punches… BUT THEY WON’T TAKE IT “He kept going.

Bam went on to say that he had talked to one of the men who had been called one of the attackers on social media.

“I and @bullet guzman talked, and he said it wasn’t him. If you watch the video, you’ll see that it wasn’t him. Also, I don’t beat people up at LA Fitness; @goatshed does that for real.”

Bam ended by saying that the men who attacked 6ix9ine should fight until one of them dies.

“So, these three guys in the video, four if you count the cameraman, are going up against me. If you win, I’ll give you $10,000, but if you lose, you’ll die. There won’t be a judge. IT’S YOURS, GANGSTAS, “he added.

On Tuesday night, a video of several men beating 6ix9ine badly in a gym bathroom went viral (March 21). The videos that are going viral show the rapper being hurt by hands and feet.

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After getting hit, he was taken to a nearby hospital. Since then, a video has come out that shows the men who allegedly beat up 6ix9ine walking into the building before the fight.