After Surviving the Overdose, the Rapper Talks About the Healing Process and The Important Decision He Made

Eminem, a popular artist across the world, has discussed his near-fatal overdose and subsequent rehabilitation. The 49-year-old was admitted to the hospital in December 2007 with methadone toxicity.

His brain “took a long time for it to start working again,” he remarked on the Paul Pod program.

The artist relapsed after the overdose but was so traumatized by the near-death experience that he checked himself into treatment in April 2008. They attempted to stabilize his condition with medicine, as reported by the rapper and his management.


During detoxifying and recording the Relapse album, Eminem revealed that he was taking “75 to 80 Valiums a night.” According to a tweet from 2020, the rapper has been clean since April 20, 2008, and it was during his early days of sobriety that he recorded his album Relapse in 2009.

In an interview, the musician revealed that he was experiencing a “fresh for him again” feeling now that he was making music again. “I remember being incredibly thrilled and everything being fresh to me again,” he added.

“That was the first time in a long time that I actually enjoyed the process of creating an album.” In an interview with Vulture published in 2017, the singer/songwriter acknowledged that the work he did throughout his addiction and rehabilitation wasn’t his finest.

When I told others how disappointed I was, they worried I could have caused brain damage to myself. For a good number of months, I was in a peculiar haze. I felt like I had to relearn rapping altogether,” he admitted.