Are Ice Spice And Pete Davidson Dating?

Is Ice Spice and Pete Davidson going out together? A story going around the internet says that the rapper and the actor are dating.

Pete Davidson’s name started trending on Twitter on Monday, February 27. It climbed to No. 13 in the U.S., with more than 4,000 tweets with his name in them. Many of those tweets also mentioned Ice Spice, because fans of one or the other started spreading the rumor that the two are dating.

Ice is only 23 and Pete is 29. One person on Twitter said, “He Can’t Keep Getting Away with This.” “Why did I hear that Pete Davidson went to Ice Spice? Please, Lord, save her! “another sent a tweet. “People say that Pete Davidson is going out with Ice Spice. That’s not right, “read a tweet.

Drake is also mentioned in a lot of tweets. Drake took Ice Spice to OVO Fest in Toronto last year. Last year, a video of the two of them standing close to each other but not talking went viral on the internet.

ice spice pete davidson dating

Even though they looked calm in the video, fans said Ice looked scared and Drake looked like he was looking around to see who was watching them. Drake and Ice never went out together.

As the Ice and Pete rumor spread on Twitter today, fans seemed to have mixed feelings about Pete’s relationship with the rising rapper, whose song “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2,” a collaboration with PinkPantheress, rose to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Pete has been with Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, both well-known stars. When Pete started dating Kim in 2021, while she was still married to Kanye and going through a divorce, many Ye fans didn’t like the relationship. Pete even got the initials of Ye’s children tattooed on his neck. After going out for nine months, Kim and Pete broke up in 2022.

The news that Ice Spice and Pete Davidson are dating came from where? On Feb. 18, the fake news was posted on an Instagram meme page. A picture of Pete and Ice cut in half was posted with the caption: “He can’t get away with this forever. W or L⁉️ – It’s a joke. This is not real (thank goodness), it’s just for entertainment.”

Pete Davidson is currently seeing the actress Chase Sui Wonders. Ice Spice says that she is not with anyone.

Find Out What People Are Saying About The Rumor That Ice Spice And Pete Davidson Are Dating Below

Check out what fans have to say about the rumor that Ice Spice and Pete Davidson are dating.