Blueface Asks Lil Baby if He Wants to Make Love with Him.

Blueface’s alleged bisexuality has reportedly gained increasing support. Blueface implied that “Heyy” rapper Lil Baby is drawn to him in a social media video with the “Thotiana” rapper and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Christian Rock.

Hip Hop blogosphere stories about the turbulent relationship of the Crazy In Love reality television duo has become commonplace. Blueface criticized Chrisean’s alleged interaction with Lil Baby at a party while he was on Instagram Live.

Blueface remarked to Christian Rock while eating chicken wings at a restaurant, “I think you be allowing too many rap n##### to be in your face. They won’t be in my face, she said in response.

Little Baby became the focus of Instagram Live.

In addition, Blueface made reference to a shot Chrisean and Lil Baby took. The Baddies South cast member claimed that the Quality Control recording artist informed her she had promised and that she wanted to collaborate with her.

“Possible to what? F### him?” Blueface enquired. Also, he added, “Did you guys have a talk about empowerment during the afterparty? “Okay, let’s work,” you say with him in your face in this manner. He was so close to being in my face.

“He wants to f### me too?” Blueface questioned. Due to the fact that you want to f*** me? Every n#### in your face is also in mine. On your neck, I am now. He’s going to be staring at me while staring at you, n#### f###### you? For you to f## me or something? It doesn’t make sense.

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The Sexuality of Blueface Was Also Questioned Last Year.

The Sexuality of Blueface Was Also Questioned Last Year.

After Blueface and Christian Rock appeared on a Kai Cenat live stream in November of last year, there was a spike in online rumors regarding Blueface’s sexual orientation. One of the causes of the bisexuality accusations was Chrisean’s response when her partner mentioned having sex with a child.

“Who? Who? Who was it? A guy or a girl? Christian Rock pressed Blueface to answer. Then he said, “What? That is what type of question is it? Also, their appearance on Kai Cenat’s Twitch channel generated media attention after Christian punched a hole in the streamer’s wall.