Blueface Comments On Chrisean Rock For Not Doing The Laundry, So She Finally Does It!


Blueface made fun of Chrisean Rock for not doing the laundry, so she finally did it.

On Friday (March 17), Chrisean Rock went on Instagram Live to tell her followers that she was almost done washing all of the dirty clothes she had. In the clip, the reality television star points her smartphone camera at the washer and dryer to demonstrate that she is performing housework.

She said, “Yo, this laundry is almost done, really.” “I can’t take this out yet, but it’s almost done. I have a lot of clothes to dry.”

Rock said in another clip that she is doing her laundry. But she’s a little annoyed that Blueface keeps asking her to wash clothes while she’s out working and making money.

“I’m doing the laundry because that’s what you told me to do. She said, “I started this f***ing laundry.” “He gets what he wants, clean laundry, but I gave him a hard roll.”


Blueface Comments On Chrisean Rock For Not Doing The Laundry, So She Finally Does It

“So make it make sense, hun? I’m not here. We’re getting stronger while I’m away,” she said. “He asked me, “What are you doing?” and I said, “Why are you acting?”

Then, on IG Live, Rock told her fans, “If I show you these messages, you’ll really laugh. Don’t be fooled by that boy.”

Rock told her viewers that she was going to do the laundry at some point, but that she was out of town on work-related business at the time.

“But no matter what, I was going to do the laundry. “When I get home, I just don’t think about it,” she said. “I don’t do laundry unless—what the hell?—I have to.” I don’t want to mess around here. I’m about to go around the world to make money for this n***a and keep it going.”

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This happened after Blueface posted a video to his Instagram Story on March 15 showing his laundry room at home full of dirty clothes that needed to be washed. The rapper from California said that Rock hadn’t done laundry in months.

Saturday, Blueface went to his Twitter account and sent out a sexist message.

“I don’t know about you guys, but my girlfriend is going to wash my [soap emoji],” he tweeted.

Chrisean and Blueface are without a doubt in a very bad relationship. Many of their fans want Chrisean to leave Blue and focus on her own health and the health of her unborn child.

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Watch Chrisean Rock Finally Take Care of His Dirty Laundry Below

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