Blueface Says That Lil Baby Called Chrisean Rock “Sexy” And Explains Why He Doesn’t Want Her Around Other Rappers

Blueface is explaining why he doesn’t want Chrisean Rock to talk to any rappers after Lil Baby allegedly tried to get Chrisean’s attention by calling her “sexy.” The Bootleg Kev Podcast’s new interview with everyone’s favorite toxic couple, Blueface and Chrisean Rock, came out on Monday, February 27.

During the nearly hour-long conversation, Kev talked about how Blueface was upset that Chrisean took a picture with Rick Ross and talked to Lil Baby in Arizona over Super Bowl weekend. Blueface didn’t want to hear about any relationships with plutonic people, even if they helped Chrisean’s career in some way.

Around the six-minute mark of the interview below, Blueface said, “It’s not going to be real networking.” “Not when they’re trying to get it on. He was trying to say that, “Chrisean added something. When Kev said that Lil Baby said that he was like a “big brother” to Chrisean, Blueface said that he didn’t think that was true.

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“That was the way to start. He didn’t tell her that when he was in front of her “Blueface said. Chrisean pushed back and said that their talk was about music. “She’s lying!” yelled Blueface. “She didn’t tell you that he said, “Oh, you’re hot.” Oh, I want to see you.

blueface lil baby chrisean rock sexy

Oh, you got potential. Visit the studio. How do I reach you?’ I’m not sure if she likes cuz or not, but she’s trying to make it less strong.” “If she’s making connections, that’s cool,” said Blueface. “Connect with people. But if money is being talked about and business is being done, that’s not a professional thing to do.”

The Lil Baby saga started earlier this month when Chrisean Rock said on Instagram Live with Blueface that she met and talked to Lil Baby during Super Bowl weekend. She said that they talked about music, and Lil Baby told her that she had a lot of potentials.

“What could it lead to? Fuck him?” Blueface said something in response to the news. “It was a conversation about giving people power,” she said.

Before the video ended, he asked her, “Y’all talked about empowerment at 5 a.m.?”

Later, Blueface showed what he said were texts from Lil Baby to Chrisean about the situation. The first text message says, “It’s baby.” “Why do people say I was in your direct message?” the second text says, with crying and laughing emojis. “Why don’t you tell them that I’m an older brother? I hate shit like that.”

Blueface wrote in the post’s caption, “Met my girl once and she said that he was her “big brother” [crying laughing emoji] You ain’t my son and the truth could never be a dis.”

In tweets that followed, he said, “I run this crap on us, so don’t get mad if you want to snitch on me and post my messages. If you come through my territory without checking in, welcome to death row.

You’re in her direct messages, and I’m in this chick’s phone on my cell.”

Blueface later made it sound like he was trying to trick Lil Baby. Lil Baby hasn’t said anything about the drama in public yet.

See the Interview With Blueface And Chrisean Rock On The Bootleg Kev Podcast Below