Blueface Warns Lil Baby While Leaking the Texts He Sent to Chrisean Rock

In response to a conversation Lil Baby had with Blueface’s girlfriend Christian Rock, the 4PF rapper has received many warnings from Blueface. Blueface approached Christian during an Instagram Live session over the weekend regarding an alleged chat she allegedly had with Baby at a party.

“I think you be allowing too many rap n-gas to be in your face,” Blueface said as a shot at Chrisean when the issue of them may be breaking up came up in conversation. Christian remarked, in part, “[He told me] I got potential,” to which Blueface retorted, “Potential to what? “Fuck him!”

Christian tried to persuade Blueface that she and Baby had only an “empowerment” chat, but the rapper from the song “Thotiana” wasn’t having it. You two had an empowerment discussion at five in the morning. Blueface answered with a shocked expression on his face. “With him in your face all the time like this? He almost got in my face, because.

He wants to fuck me too, the man continued. Want fuck me, Cuh? Any N-ggas that is in your face is also in mine. It is illogical. It sounds absurd.

Supposed text messages between Chrisean Rock and Lil Baby were published by Blueface on Monday (February 20), in which the latter claimed that Chrisean Rock is only a “big brother” figure and expressed confusion about claims that he had entered her direct message box.

“I once spoke to my bitch about his “big brother,” Tweets from Blueface. You are not my son, the truth can never be a lie. I run this crap on my website; don’t bitch publish my communications if you don’t have to. Everything that enters my territory without checking in is bleeding, therefore welcome to death row.

“You in her DMs I’m in this bitch fone on Sy crypt,” he continued in multiple additional tweets. Even if it makes me look horrible, I’m all for anything that makes rock boom.

“I didn’t bring her to the top for you n-gas to play pretend Big Brother and pretend that you want to work for a picture or some pussy let’s conduct business or move about, it’s really simple I invested in her a long time ago,” he said. If you want to work with Rock, call Blue; else, I’ll treat you badly every time.

Lil Baby allegedly accidentally texted Blueface’s phone, not Chrisean’s, according to Blueface. Since he had my number and had been texting me the entire time, he continued, “Ain’t even have to go through the phone rock gave.”

Blueface has not yet responded to any of Lil Baby’s critical comments, but he also vented his anger on Twitter at Akademiks after the latter warned Blue to keep Christian Rock close to him before a professional rapper reveals how much she is being kept back.

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Blueface responded throughout his lengthy statement, “Same n-gag talk about the hottest’ now bro you don’t have the answers or forecasts just keep reporting on what’s going on and leave the management to me I knew what I was doing before you became a fan clown.

Lil Baby is by no means the first rapper to stir up trouble in the contentious union of Christian Rock and Blueface. Earlier this month, Blue called out Christian after a photo surfaced of her with Rick Ross at Super Bowl LVII.

He texted his Crazy in Love co-star, “Could never be my bitch,” which Christian posted on Twitter. “But I understand that you are used to this crap because it thrills you; there is really nothing wrong with it; I’m simply a different kind of n-ggas with my bitch. Because of this, I’ve known for a while that you truly don’t want that location.