Boosie BadAzz Claims He Gets $40,000 Per Podcast Episode!

In recent years, Boosie BadAzz has become a regular on YouTube talk shows like VladTV. Now, the Louisiana rapper says he makes up to $40,000 per podcast episode.

On Friday (March 3), Boosie told his fans the truth about his second source of income on Instagram Live. He said that after weighing the risks, he would rather talk than perform these days.

Boosie said, “I can make between $30,000 and $40,000 to sit on a couch and talk. It’s a lot safer than the club with all the guns in it.” “I have to leave the party.

Before someone, that’s not going to hurt me. I think you guys should be glad that I’m making podcasts. I’ll live a lot longer if I keep making podcasts. Way less risky to listen to podcasts.”

boosie amount per podcast episode

“Would you rather have a show that pays you $60,000 or a podcast that pays you $45,000?” Boosie continued. “I made that choice a few days ago.

The 45 was better than the 60. I had to pay for flights, hotels, and to go to a dangerous city when I was 60. Well, you should be careful. I can sit on a couch for 45 minutes and just talk crap for $40,000-something.”

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Boosie is a regular on VladTV, which is not a podcast, and he often says things that go viral. Most recently, he made a lot of noise when he called T.I. a rat and said he canceled their joint album because a video of Tip telling a story about snitching on his dead cousin came back to light.

T.I. has since said that he made up the story about his cousin in response to the backlash. Tip took it a step further by bringing his alleged police paperwork to a restaurant where everyone could see it and calling Boosie out. Tip now says that he and Boosie won’t fight in public.

Boosie Bad Azz Talks About How Much He Gets Paid To Be On Podcasts Below