BTS’ J-Hope And J. Cole’s Song “On The Street” Has New Lyrics That You Can Listen To!

“On the Street,” a new song by J-Hope and J. Cole, just came out.

K-pop star J-Hope, who is known all over the world, made a dream come true on March 3 by releasing a song with his favorite rapper, J. Cole. The new collaboration comes just one day after the famous BTS member told his 44.4 million Instagram followers that J-Hope and the boss of Dreamville had something in the works.

J-Hope is seen walking along a high-rise rooftop with his back to the camera in a vintage Avirex leather jacket in a cryptic video posted on Thursday, March 2. The video was only labeled “X @realcoleword.”

As the popular K-pop rapper and singer J. Cole walks towards the edge of the building, J. Hope sits down next to him and looks off into the distance. When the camera moves away, a graphic appears with the words “‘On the Street’ with J. Cole. Friday, March 3, 2:00 PM.”

“On the Street” came out less than 24 hours after the announcement. J-Hope opens the 3:34-minute song with a chorus and a verse that feature lyrics about hope and faith. From there, J. Cole takes over on verse two, gliding over the lo-fi drums and warm melody with the same kind of thought-provoking, poetic bars that have made the North Carolina native one of the most famous lyricists in all of hip-hop.

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In an interview with Variety about “On the Street,” J-Hope talked about how he and J. Cole came to work together on the song and what he thinks it means for the career of the worldwide superstar.

J-Hope told Variety, “It goes back to Lollapalooza last summer.” “I look up to J. Cole, and that’s where we met. Since then, I couldn’t stop thinking about how cool it would be if we could make music together.

So I tried to contact him. I had already decided to put out music around this time, and I started working on it at the beginning of November. Even though it took me a long time to finish the song, I really love it and it means a lot to me.”

The song “On the Street” came out after it was announced that J-Hope will be the second BTS member to join the Korean military for his 18-month mandatory service. When they made the announcement, J-Hope and BTS’ label, BIGHIT Music, sent a statement to the K-Pop phenomenon’s loyal fans all over the world.

bts j hope j cole on the street lyrics

BIGHIT’s statement, according to Hypebeast, says, “We would like to let our fans know that J-Hope has started the military enlistment process by applying to end the postponement of his enlistment.” “We’ll let you know when there are more changes.

We need your love and support for J-Hope to last until he finishes his military service and comes home safely. Our company will do everything possible to help our artists.”

As for J. Cole, the song with J-Hope is the last new song he released on a busy Friday. Aside from “On the Street,” Cole’s label, Dreamville, was in charge of executive producing the soundtrack for the new Michael B. Jordan movie, Creed III.

The soundtrack has 18 songs by Cole’s artists, including JID, Bas, Earthgang, and many more.