DDG & Halle Bailey Respond After ‘Evil’ Rubi Rose Leaks Alleged Dms From Rapper

Rubi Rose shared what she said were DMs from the rapper asking to meet up with her. DDG and Halle Bailey have replied. Fans noticed on Saturday (February 11) that Bailey, who is currently dating DDG, was wearing the same T-shirt Rose had worn when she and the rapper were briefly together in 2020.

This set off the drama. Rose said it was her shirt and called her ex-boyfriend a “weirdo.” She wrote on Twitter, “Having your girlfriend in my clothes is crazy lol.” She also said, “I like Halle, but DDG is a weirdo, fashion.”

Rose then made things worse by posting a screenshot of what she said was a Direct Message (DM) conversation with DDG from earlier that week in which he asked her if she was still in Los Angeles.

Rose said, “You hitting me on the day you guys fight is so you lol,” to which DDG replied, “lol, you’re right. Let me go heal first.”

DDG didn’t like the shade very much, so he pushed back on Rubi Rose’s claims on his social media.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, he said, “I know it looks bad, but it’s not what it seems Stg.” “That chick is just bad.”

He also said, “Everything is fine on the inside. This whole thing was seen coming. I know everyone thinks I’m the bad guy, but I’m not… CGI .. don’t believe that DEMON!! I CENSURE IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!”


But it looked like Rubi Rose wasn’t done with DDG. She called him out on his denial, saying that he had asked her to go home with him after a party hosted by City Girls star Yung Miami.

“He was mad that I wouldn’t go home with him after the Caresha party,” Rose wrote on Twitter. “Don’t believe what the nun says,” the Michigan rapper replied. She’s been in love with me for two years. She hurt.

He also said, “Super N-gas is not on top of you.” Rubi replied, “Ok,” along with a video showing the same DMs again. She then said, “N-gas hit me on Twitter because they were blocking me everywhere else.”

“U old news, gang,” said the rapper from “9 Lives.” “You’re trying to be Ice Spice now. This is the most useful thing you’ve heard in years. Stop putting that bad music that you didn’t make on your story.”

Rose wrote back, “U so fucking sassy wtf lol.”

Halle Bailey found out about her boyfriend’s back-and-forth and took DDG’s side in a since-deleted tweet that said, “The devil is working lol, please don’t believe the lies, especially from a third party.” “May God bless you all.”

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“Can y’all let my meat go now,” DDG added. “Rubi is a weirdo. She hasn’t liked my relationship for a long time.”

In the past few days, there has been a lot of drama in DDG and Halley Bailey’s relationship. The former had to talk about breakup rumors last week when Bailey’s sister Sky called him out on Instagram Live.

“If you guys broke up, you should just stop following each other and keep going. You don’t need to put anything out there like that, saying that “all these girls are the same.” Are you dumb? Are you stupid?” During her rant, Sky said.

Sky later changed her mind when she found out that the couple was still together. “My bad y’all. “I talked to my sister and there’s nothing going on lol,” she wrote later on her Instagram Stories. “Let me go back to drinking my water and taking care of the business that pays me.”

DDG agreed with Sky and said on Twitter that no one was ending their relationship.

In one tweet, he said, “The internet is so gullible.” He then added, “Nobody cheated on nobody, btw. Don’t worry too much about what I tweet… N-gas are too serious about life. Since we’re all going to die eventually, let’s try to have fun while we’re here.

Since they’ve been dating for over a year, DDG and Halle Bailey have shown each other a lot of love on social media. In November of last year, DDG told The Breakfast Club why he liked Bailey so much.

He said at the time, “I’ve never been with anyone who really inspired me as she does.” “I’m seeing something different. I’ve never really been around stuff like this before. So, it’s like, she’s showing me stuff I don’t really want to see, you know what I mean?”