Hit-Boy Took Shot on Hitmaka Says “He Don’t Make Beats” – Check out What Else He Said!

In his most recent answer to Hitmaka on production styles and relevancy, Hit-Boy asserts that Hitmaka doesn’t even make beats.

Hit-Boy was questioned about his lyrical jab at Hitmaka on the Alchemist-assisted smash “Slipping Into Darkness” in an interview with Home Grown Radio, which debuted last Wednesday (March 15) on YouTube.

Hit-Boy Took Shot on Hitmaka Says “He Don’t Make Beats” – check out what else he said!

Before Hitmaka declared, “Hit-Boy is not on the air,” during his appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show, the producer from California said he had already finished recording the song. Hit-Boy changed his verse to incorporate a lyrical dig at Hitmaka and his producing approach after hearing it, though.

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Later, Hit-Boy would admit to the hosts that he doesn’t respect the way Hitmaka creates his beats and has heard rumors that Hitmaka has been disparaging him behind closed doors.

“The debate is over, to start with. He doesn’t produce beats, “Around the 7:20 minute of the video above, Hit-Boy made a statement against the Chicago producer. “This dude doesn’t even compose the beat and he got the courage to talk on me,” I said. “I’m actually hand-crafting new styles, arriving with different bounces, different drum patterns, and other types of ways of thinking of the music.”

Hit-comments Boy’s are in response to Hitmaka, who in an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning talked about his rivalry with other producers.

“You can hear me on the radio. There is no Hit-Boy on the radio “stated Hitmaka. “I cherish Hit-Boy. Hit-Boy is renowned. He is a well-known producer. He has done it much longer than I have.

He is a fantastic person. My brother and I have names that are so similar that I know it must be annoying for him, but I’m going to keep it a secret if the soundtrack to your life over the last four or five years is played on the radio. however Hitmaka. We love Hit-Boy, so scream out to him.”

He continued, “I’m just competitive. “But this is where I’ll give Hit-Boy his due. He has been running in that field for longer than I have.”


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With his next album Surf or Drown, which will be available digitally on Friday, Hit-Boy will demonstrate how accomplished he is both in front of the microphone and behind the production desk (March 24).