Fans Are Laughing At Playboi Carti’s Old Videos of Him Recording Ad-Libs!

Fans find it funny that old video clips of Playboi Carti recording improvised lines in the studio have turned up online.

This week, old videos of Playboi Carti recording ad-libs in his distinctive high-pitched voice, known as the “baby voice,” started showing up online again, and fans are laughing at them. In the clips, the rapper from Georgia is sitting in a chair and saying and making sounds into the studio microphone.

In one of the videos (see below), Carti has his tongue out, is making strange faces, and is waving his arms in the air. In another bit, the 25-year-old rhymer is bopping his head and making fast baby noises.

Fans thought that the old Playboi Carti clips were funny on Twitter. Others were not impressed with how Carti recorded.

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One user commented, “That video of Playboi Carti doing adlibs has finished me[,] I been laying here laughing for a while now,”

Another person said, “The vids of Playboi Carti recording his own adlibs is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,”

Another user posted, “That leaked video of Playboi Carti recording Ad Libs made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants,”

Those vintage Playboi Carti videos are a lot of fun for fans to watch.

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Below Are Some Old Videos of Playboi Carti Recording Ad-Libs in The Studio: