Fans Wonder If There Was Conflict Between Latto and Doechii at The Billboard Women in Music Event!

Fans are wondering if there is tension between Latto and Doechii after rumours that the two rappers got into a verbal fight at the 2023 Billboard Women in Music event last night spread yesterday.

The Twitter account @FemmeRapLIVE reported on Thursday (March 2) that Latto and Doechii got into a fight backstage at the 2023 Billboard Women in Music event on Wednesday (March 1) in Inglewood, California. A source says that Doechii “checked” Latto for making fun of her acceptance speech when the “Big Energy” rapper was onstage thanking people after getting the Powerhouse award.

Someone said that Doechii was going to “crack” Latto. After Latto’s performance, Billboard reps reportedly asked her and her group to leave the event.

All of this started when Doechii gave her acceptance speech for the Rising Star award and thanked Nicki Minaj and other women who had been honoured at past Women in Music events. As has been said before, Nicki and Latto got into a fight on Twitter in October of 2022.


During her speech, Latto also talked about artists who had won the Powerhouse Award before.

Fans thought that Latto didn’t mention Nicki Minaj on purpose because she has never won a Powerhouse Award from Billboard. Latto quickly put an end to that rumour and said that fans are trying too hard to bring Minaj into the mix.

latto doechii tension billboard women music event

“Are your arms still not sore from all that Reaching?” she asked on Twitter.

Latto also posted a clip from an interview that same night in which Doechii was praised, as well as a screenshot of the list of women who had won the Powerhouse award before her, which showed that Nicki Minaj wasn’t on the list.

When Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Tingz” was playing in the background, Doechii went live on Instagram after the Women in Music event and showed off her twerking skills.

Sources have asked the people who work for Latto and Doechii for their thoughts.

Fans asked on Twitter if Latto was making fun of Doechii’s speech at the Billboard Women in Music Awards and putting Nicki Minaj down at the same time.

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“Not Latto and her crew trying to jump Doechii at an event that celebrates WOMEN in music just because Doechii mentioned Nicki Minaj in her acceptance speech. [Two loud crying face emojis] You can’t make this up, “one fan wrote.

Someone else wrote on Twitter: “Barbz tryna start beef between Latto and Doechii. You guys are crazy about trying to turn rappers against the girls who have fought with Nicki. Put an end to it! It’s worn out.”


latto doechii tension billboard women music event

“You guys are weird and making too much of the speech Latto gave. Doechii n her are cool, “yelled a third person. “Doechii even posted her speech. N and Sza didn’t talk about that woman either, but you’re only mad at Latto. She just got a prize, and you guys are trying to hide that by making up fake drama.”

I hope these are just rumours and Latto and Doechii don’t have a fight.