Hurricane Chris’s Lawyer Compares The Man Who Killed The Rapper To The Friday Character Deebo At Trial!

Hurricane Chris is finally going to trial for murder. He is claiming self-defense in the case. During the first day of testimony, the rapper’s lawyer is said to have said that the dead man was about the same height as Deebo from the movie Friday.

Wednesday was the first day of testimony in the case (March 8). Hurricane Chris, whose real name is Christopher Dooley, is being tried for second-degree murder in the shooting death of Danzeria Farris Jr. on June 19, 2020.

According to KSLA 12 reporter Alexandria Savage, Chris’s defense attorney said in court that the dead man was like the scary guy in the 1995 comedy film Friday.

“In opening statements for Christopher Dooley, aka ‘Hurricane Chris’s’ murder trial, the defense attorney called the victim ‘Debo,’ a popular character from the movie Friday, while showing a picture of Debo,” Savage tweeted.

hurricane chris lawyer compares man killed deebo

The jury also heard three calls to 911 made at the scene.

“Today, jurors heard three 911 calls,” Savage wrote in a tweet. “One of the people who made the calls said that Danzeria Farris Jr. died at the Texaco on Hollywood Avenue. A woman left the courtroom in tears after listening to the calls that witnesses made to 911.”

Chris’s defense attorney says that Chris shot Farris in self-defense because Chris feared for his life when Farris opened the door to his 2016 Mercedes Benz, which had been reported stolen from Texas.

Sources have tried to get a comment from Hurricane Chris’s lawyer.

Hurricane Chris was arrested on June 19, 2020, and charged with shooting Farris multiple times at a Texaco station at Hearne and Hollywood avenues in Shreveport, La.

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When Hurricane Chris was arrested, his lawyer put out the following statement: “At this time, Mr. Dooley is praying for both the family of the person who died and his own. He is sure that his name will be cleared after a thorough and fair investigation of what happened.”

Hurricane Chris was freed a few days later after posting a $500,000 bond. In October of that year, he was charged with second-degree murder and illegally having a stolen car. If he is found guilty of second-degree murder, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.