Latto Says Her Beef with Nicki Minaj is Disappointing!

Latto is talking about what happened between her and Nicki Minaj.

Billboard’s new cover story with Latto came out on Friday, February 24. During the interview, the rapper from Atlanta talked about her famous Twitter fight with Nicki Minaj last October.

“When there’s a disconnect like that, it’s hard to figure out what to do. When I think of myself as a fan of someone, they see me in a totally different way “Latto told Billboard why. “It’s disappointing. You just have to keep going and not give up.”

Four months ago, Nicki Minaj brought up Latto’s hit song “Big Energy” during a rant about how Nicki’s hit song “Super Freaky Girl” was taken out of the rap category for Grammy nominations. Before that, the two rappers had been friends.

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Latto and Nicki Minaj Beef

“I don’t care if I’m taken out of the RAP category as long as EVERYONE is treated the same. If “Super Freaky Girl” has moved out of RAP, then Big Energy has too.” Nicki Minaj tweeted. “Anyone who says something different is either a Nicki hater or a troll.”

When Latto saw that she was mentioned, she replied. This started an explosive back-and-forth on Twitter that went on for hours, with both women throwing hard shots at each other. Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl,” which topped the Billboard charts, didn’t get any nominations for the 2023 Grammys. On the other hand, Latto’s “Big Energy” was nominated for Best Melodic Rap Performance. “Wait for U” by Future, Drake, and Tems beat out this song.

Nicki Minaj has been mostly quiet since The Recording Academy didn’t give her an award. She showed up in Trinidad and Tobago recently for Carnival.