Latto Seems To Respond To Kodak Black’s Artist Vvsnce For ‘Lying’ About Not Charging New Female Rappers For Verses

Kodak Black’s artist Vvsnce said Latto lied when she said she doesn’t charge new female rappers for verses. On Sunday (Feb. 26), Vvsnce posted a screenshot on her Instagram Story of what she said was a DM conversation she had with Latto. In the message, the “Big Energy” rapper tries to set the record straight.

“You could have just asked me what’s up instead of believing what a nigga told u,” Latto says. She later seems to imply that she turned down doing a verse because it would be with one of Kodak Black’s artists and she didn’t know it would be on a Vvsnce track.

“These exchanges didn’t happen until after a situation you clearly know [nothing] about,” the DM says. “I was told to go to his party to clear the verses. At first, I said no, and then they said a verse for an artist on the label of his choice. I still said no. My lawyer put the proposal on paper word for word. I do not even know you.”

Vvsnce responded to Latto’s DM by saying that she is riding with Kodak no matter what. “I don’t know you either, so why would you expect me to contact you like we’re cool as a sun because it’s going to set and I’m trying to check with you about not doing a song?” she asked.

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“Telling me not to listen to my business partner is crazy. Right or wrong, I’ll go with them whether I know the whole story or not. The main thing that was brought to my attention was that you turned down a song with me. I’m not just a female artist; I’m also a female artist from Atlanta.

You have the right to turn down whatever you want, but don’t expect me not to tell the truth.” Vvsnce also explained why she posted the DM conversation, saying, “So no one can twist my word, and I can’t twist theirs.”

The whole thing started on Sunday when Vvsnce called out Latto for turning down a verse after she said in a recent Billboard interview that she wants to help the female rap community and doesn’t charge new MCs for verses.

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“Everybody keeps tagging me in this s**t,” Vvsnce wrote on IG. “I don’t care what she or anybody else does. She did do that lame sh*t, though [rolling eyes emoji].”

“I don’t work with new female artists” were her Exact words,” she said. “That’s the real reason why she was mad at Yak! She had to pay for that song to be on her album because she didn’t want to do a song with me [two tears of joy emojis].”

In the same Billboard interview, Latto talked about her fight with Nicki Minaj and said it was disappointing.

See the Direct Messages Between Latto and Vvsnce Below