Lil Mosey Was Trialed For Rape, But He Was Found Not Guilty!

In his 2021 rape case, Lil Mosey was found not guilty. The Washington rapper’s long legal battle came to an end on Thursday (March 2), when a jury found him not guilty in court. On Feb. 22, Lil Mosey’s trial started.

The rapper and his friend Joshua Darrow, also known as “Band Kid Jay,” were charged with second-degree rape because they allegedly had sexual contact with the alleged victim at a party in Randle, Wash.

Shane O’Rourke, Lil Mosey’s lawyer, gave the following statement to sources about how the case turned out: “Mosey has always said he wasn’t guilty, and now he has been cleared of all charges. Before going to trial, he volunteered to take and pass two lie detector tests, which he did.

After two years of investigation and proof, the prosecutors were still not willing to believe that he was not guilty. Mosey has been completely cleared, and he never should have been charged with anything.”

lil mosey not guilty rape

On social media, Lil Mosey was happy about the verdict. In the video below, which he posted on Instagram, he walks through a crowd of people who are booing and shouting at him.

“I went through the storm for two years, and I’m glad that God has finally shown me the truth. Thank you, “Mosey put a caption on the video.

Lil Mosey was first charged with rape in April 2021, based on something that allegedly happened in January 2020. The woman who says she was the victim says she went to hang out with the rapper and ended up having s*x with him and Darrow in a car.

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But the woman says that too much alcohol made her lose her mind and make it impossible for her to agree. A week after he was arrested, Lil Mosey said he wasn’t guilty. If he was found guilty, he could go to prison for as long as his life. Darrow will go to court on his own.

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