Lil Wayne Admits He Can’t Lift Weights, Saying, “The Only Gym I Know is Jim Jones”

Lil Wayne certainly sets the bar high when it comes to lyrics, but he freely admits that he has little interest in actually working out by lifting weights and he made an appearance on The Zane Lowe Show on Thursday, February 23, on Apple Music to talk to the seasoned interviewer about his most recent single and Tha Carter VI album.

The 40-year-old rapper also shared tips for maintaining his health as he ages throughout the interview. Having a personal chef prepare his meals is the first step. “My mother, a cook, was thrilled when I relocated to Miami when I was 19 since she loves Miami far better than New Orleans.

She urged me to hire a personal chef as one thing in particular. Hence, you don’t just eat whatever “Lowe heard Lil Wayne say. In recent memory, Lil Wayne claims he hasn’t eaten at a low-vibration fast food restaurant.


There his exercise program ends. The legendary rapper from New Orleans claimed he doesn’t work out at the gym or lift weights. So I’ve always had a personal chef from the time I was 19 till now, he said. “I haven’t had fast food in ages. I’m not sure how McDonald’s smells.

Only Jim Jones’ gyms I’m aware of. I am unable to lift weights. I don’t work out at all.” We at least know that Lil Wayne enjoys skating as a form of exercise. Recently, Tune posted a video of himself performing some fresh feats in his personal skate park.

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The latest interview was conducted just after Lil Wayne released his new song, “Kant Nobody,” which features DMX and was produced by Swizz Beatz.

“First and foremost, that’s my brother. Swizz, “About the new collaboration, Wayne said. That’s how we operate; out of all the bangers we have, we choose one to release whenever we feel like it.

Lil Wayne is back in the music business, thus it appears that C6 will be released shortly, though Wayne hasn’t said when. Tune revealed at the end of December that he would start the Welcome to Tha Carter Tour in April.