NBA Youngboy Says how He Can Tell if A Rapper Is Really “Gangsta”

NBA YoungBoy asserted that he can determine a rapper’s “gangsta” status by only glancing at their mother. The Baton Rouge rapper talked about his upcoming album Don’t Try This At Home, in which he promised to “speak crazy” — in spite of his recent “Stop the Violence” crusade, in a clip from his most recent appearance with the Rap Radar Podcast.

YoungBoy declared, “I’m going to talk wild on there. I’ll demonstrate Murda Man for you. I’m going to talk wild on there, but I want to make sure you know not to do this at home.

He went on to explain that most rappers aren’t as tough as they portray themselves in their lyrics and that the reality of street situations is sometimes extremely different from the entertainment element of it.

Don’t misunderstand me; many of the individuals you’ll meet today are absolutely who they claim to be, said YoungBoy. “I have no doubts. There are many rappers nowadays, and 50% of them are probably 100% authentic. Nevertheless, I can assure you that most of them are nope.

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“It’s like this, bro: if you watch the videos of these rappers, you’re going to see a gun in it, right? As you get to the following one, you undoubtedly see a pistol in his video.

“Bro, sometimes you have to delve a bit deeper. Now, now look at his mother. How the heck is he a gangster when his mother isn’t even a gangsta? That doesn’t make sense, man.

NBA YoungBoy’s remarks follow a lengthy interview he gave to Billboard in which he discussed his musical career and his recent discovery of Mormonism. This admiration came about as a result of his encounter with two missionaries when he was under house arrest in Utah.

I really needed help,” he said. I required a companion. and it struck me. Just seeing someone with an alternative attitude that had nothing to do with business or money was great; these people were lovely beings.

In order to “make sure” YoungBoy’s “heart was in the proper area” for his official baptism into the church, the missionaries started paying the rapper’s house daily visits and having conversations with him about The Book of Mormon.

Once his house detention is ended, he stated that he intends to be baptized into The Church of Latter-Day Saints. NBA YoungBoy said in another section of the interview that his recent interest in religion has helped him write some of his new songs with less harsh lyrics.

He asked himself, “What if they don’t like me now?” regarding his supporters’ opinions on his fresh strategy. “I won’t be altering. I won’t get angered, I won’t be hurt, and I won’t revert to my previous behavior. Accept it or not, I won’t be returning.

Both conversations were conducted after YoungBoy released I Rest My Case, his first album of 2023, which experimented with less harsh themes. After selling 29,000 copies in its first week, the album debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200.

Since being declared not guilty in his federal gun case back in July, YoungBoy has released nine projects in little over a year, with I Rest My Case being his ninth.