Are Nelly And Ashanti Dating Again? People Start To Think They Are Dating After They Are Seen Wearing Chains That Match

nelly and ashanti dating again

Nelly and Ashanti are once again linked to dating rumours after they were spotted wearing chains that matched.

Over the weekend, a photo of Ashanti wearing the same Cuban link chain that Nelly has been wearing at concerts and events, including the 2023 Grammy Awards, was released. Fans noticed right away that they were wearing the same kind of chain, which made them think they were getting back together.

Some people aren’t too happy that they’re rumoured to be dating again, while others are happy for them.

“I really don’t like the idea of Ashanti and Nelly getting back together [woman shrugging shoulders emoji],” said one person.

Another fan sent a tweet: “Did Ashanti and Nelly get back together? Pleeeeeaaaaassseeeee city girls Noooooooooooooooo.”

Someone seemed very happy when they heard that Nelly and Ashanti were getting back together.

The user tweeted, “I don’t really care about celebrity relationships and stuff, but Nelly and Ashanti were one of the biggest black celebrity couples of our generation lol, so hearing that they’re back together after so long is kind of cool.”

“Check on Irv, please… I’m sure he’s somewhere swinging in the air LOL [rolling on the floor laughing emoji] #irvgotti #Ashanti #Nelly #MurderInc[,] “Another fan made a joke about the criticism Irv Gotti got when he told how he hooked up Ashanti when she was a singer on his Murder Inc. label.

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Last December, a video of Nelly and Ashanti performing together at a concert in Arizona started rumours that they were getting back together. In a video that went viral, the two could be seen grinding against each other while singing their 2008 hit song “Body on Me” together.

Overall, it seems like Nelly wants to bring back that old thing.

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