Nick Cannon Says That God Will Decide When He is Done Having Kids!

Nick Cannon is letting God decide how many kids he will have.

On Friday (Feb. 24), Entertainment Tonight aired a new interview with the multi-talented entertainer as he prepares for his Future Superstar Tour, a 24-city trip with artists Symba, 24kGoldn, Big Boss Vette, Hitman Holla, JD McCrary, Traetwothree, Klondike Blonde, DW Flame, Pop Money, and more. Nick talked about helping to raise the next generation, and he also talked about how he raised his own tribe of 11 kids.

“Everyone thinks it’s about how they use their time. It’s energy management, “he said. “Once we’re all on the same page, things go a lot smoother. If there are low frequencies or disagreements, this is what throws off the schedule. As long as we’re all on the same page and want to be the best parents we can be, that’s good enough, and the schedule is the schedule.”

Nick Cannon, who has had 12 children in the last 12 years, did not want to rule out having more.

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Nick Cannon God Decides Done Having Kids

“God decides when we’re done,” he laughed, “but I think I’ve got a lot on my plate.” “I’m very focused. I can’t get out. But who knows what will happen when I’m 85. I could.”

Nick Cannon has been making babies like crazy for the past few years. He has had 12 children with six different women. Four of them were born since July of last year. Nick’s last child with Alyssa Scott, Halo Marie Cannon, was born in December of last year. Zen, Nick, and Scott’s first child, died of a brain tumour when he was 5 months old. This happened in December 2021.