Nick Cannon’s Who’s Having My Baby? Game Show: Real or Faked?

Nick Cannon gave us another big surprise yesterday (March 7) when he announced that Kevin Hart will be hosting a new game show called Who’s Having My Baby With Nick Cannon, which will air on E! Entertainment. But will the dad of 12 really find a new BM on a game show?

Nick Cannon first hinted at the news on March 6 with a simple tweet that said, “EXPECT some big news tomorrow…” and included an emoji of eyes and a milk bottle. People expected him to say that he was going to have his 13th child.

But on Tuesday, Nick announced that he would have a new show on E! called Who’s Having My Baby? “We’re expecting…a new show on E! #WhosHavingMyBaby starts this spring on @eentertainment! @KevinHart4real,” he wrote as the caption for a supposed trailer for the show, which will be hosted by Kevin Hart.

In the trailer, it looks like Nick will have to choose between a few contestants who want to be the next woman to carry the entertainer’s baby.

Nick has been sharing on Twitter what fans have said about the news of his new show.

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“You really gave the go-ahead for a show where Nick Cannon will try to get a woman pregnant? GROSS!!!! I hope you lose advertisers and money the way you deserve to, “someone on Twitter said something.

“Making babies with more than one woman is now a game show?” someone else posted. “This is an insult to women and kids. This man’s penis isn’t magical. Ask all of his children if this is funny. His money can’t take the place of being a parent. @NickCannon @KevinHart4real @eentertainment.”

“With that new show, Nick Cannon is officially the corniest person to ever live,” someone else wrote.

“Yes! I’ve finally made it! Thank you!” Nick said something.

It looks like the show might not be real after all. Variety reported on Tuesday afternoon that the announcement video is a joke, “a sketch for an upcoming, not-yet-announced project” with Kevin Hart.

This wouldn’t be the first time Kevin Hart made a joke about Nick Cannon’s ability to make babies. In December of the year 2020, Kevin rented a billboard in Los Angeles that said, “For any advice about being a dad? Call Nick Cannon, he’s my best friend.” As a joke for Valentine’s Day in February, Kevin sent Nick Cannon a vending machine full of condoms.