Nicki Minaj Does Her Verse on The “Shake the Place” Remix at Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.


After a second sabbatical, Nicki Minaj has returned to the public glare, and Queen Barb will be in Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival. Nicki Minaj announced on Monday (20 February) that she will fly to Trinidad & Tobago to participate in the legendary Carnival celebration.

On her trip, she met legendary soca musicians Machel Montano and Destra, with whom she just co-wrote “Shake the Place (Remix)”.

In one of Nicki’s social media videos, she can be seen standing next to her hometown heroes.

The Video’s Transcript Read “legendary Footage of My Country’s Greats.” “I Cannot Imagine Being More Proud. I Reppin Dat True Flag, Dat Red Flag, Dat White Flag, Dat Black Flag. I Wish My Grandmother Were Here to See This. Oh, I Wish My Father Were Here to Witness This. Till Tomorrow.”


Nicki Minaj has released additional travel-related photos on Instagram, including pictures of her incredible custom Carnival attire.

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In a video that Nicki posted to Instagram on February 22nd, she is seen performing at a large street festival and animating her verse from “Shake the Place (Remix)” for the enthusiastic crowd. Below is the video of Nicki’s performance.

Since being overlooked by the Grammy Awards in November 2022 and not earning a single nomination for her top-charting Billboard single “Super Freaky Girl,” Nicki Minaj has stayed mainly silent.

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