Nicki Minaj Starts a New Record Label and Gives a List of Artists!

Nicki Minaj made a major announcement on her Queen Radio show last night.

Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio show came back on Amazon’s live and interactive radio app, Amp, on Friday, March 3. The Queen rapper announced the establishment of her new record company and unveiled her roster of artists on the broadcast. Nicki Minaj will reportedly be the first female rapper to run her own record company, which will be distributed by Republic Records.

At the 1:19 mark in the video below, she said, “I have a record label now, but I’m not going to say what it’s called.” “And because I value loyalty so much and because I’ve spent my whole life helping people who hurt me, Paddy Dukes is the first A&R on my label,” he said.

“Nicki continued, “I’m not going to tell you guys the name of the label yet, but I will on the next show. We’ll have another show soon.”

Nana Fofie, a Ghanaian singer-songwriter, Tate Kobang, a rapper from Baltimore, Rico Danna, a rapper from Queens, New York, and London Hill, a rapper from the Bronx, were among the first artists she signed.

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Nicki also talked about how Lil Wayne helped her with her career and how she plans to do the same for the artists on her label.

“You guys know how I help people. That’s not even signed to me. Think about what I’ll do to the ones who signed”, she said.

“When I came in this game I didn’t have no paperwork with Lil Wayne. But he took us on tour, put us in a recording studio, and listened to my mixtapes “she went on. “So I understand the importance of having somebody else do the heavy lifting for you. I can see why people are coming out, even though they’re so easy to get rid of because there’s no structure. No one in the real world believes in them. That’s like saying, “No, I’m going to do everything I can to make you shine.”

She continued, “I’m not going to wreck anyone’s life until I’m truly prepared to put these musicians on.”

Nicki’s latest news comes just hours after she put out her catchy single “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.” The song was made by Cheeze Beatz, Go Grizzly, and Tate Kobang, and it uses parts of Lumidee’s 2003 hit song “Never Leave You (Uh-Oh)” Nicki raps on the song as she alter ego Chun-Li and brags that she is still the best MC in the rap game, even though she took a short break.

For those who don’t know, Nicki Minaj’s alter ego Chun-Li is said to be her most evil persona, but she is well-known for her lyrical skill and poisonous bars.

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Watch Nicki Minaj Tell Queen Radio About Her Record Label and Artists Below!