Nicki Minaj Takes Legal Action: Seeking $75,000 Judgment Against You Tuber for Defamatory Remarks!

Nicki Minaj is looking for a default judgment against a YouTuber who called her a “Cokehead.”

Nicki Minaj requested a certificate of default on Thursday (Feb. 24), according to documents obtained by sources, after social media influencer Marley Green aka “Nosey Heaux” did not reply to her defamation lawsuit.

The time for the defendants to respond to the case has passed, according to Judd Burstein, Nicki’s attorney, who stated this in the paperwork. According to the lawsuit, Bobby Samini, Green’s attorney, received a copy of the summons and complaint via email from Burstein in October 2022, and the deadline for their answer was extended to December 2022.

The court subsequently granted a request to further extend the deadline to January 16, 2023, but Green has yet to respond. Nicki Minaj’s case is based on the lawsuit she filed against Green in New York in September 2022.

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The rap icon claims in her lawsuit that Green made derogatory remarks about her in a video where Nicki is referred to as a “cokehead” who is “shoving all this cocaine up her nose.” Additionally, Nicki alleges Green made derogatory remarks regarding Nicki’s infant son.

Burstein alleged that Green lacked civility in making derogatory remarks about his client in Nicki’s offensive video in an accompanying statement to her initial lawsuit.

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He blasted Marley Green, calling her “a shame” and “someone so devoid of basic decency that she has written terrible things about Nicki’s one-year-old son.” She will no longer be allowed to use the moniker “Nosey Heaux” when this lawsuit is over because we will take away her trademark if she is unable to pay the verdict.

Nicki is asking the court to grant her punitive damages of $75,000 because Green hasn’t responded to her complaint.