On Valentine’s Day, Drake’s Security Team Displayed Legal Papers in XXXTENTACION Murder Trial.

Drake is a very competent and experienced musician who is aware of his importance and influence in the music business. He is one of the dominant figures in the industry thanks to his extensive collection of classic songs that have enthralled audiences for decades.

His skill has made him respected by both audiences and other musicians, solidifying his position as a major figure in the music industry. He’s also a witness in the murder trial of XXXTENTACION, and it appears that his security team threw away court documents that were delivered to him on Valentine’s Day.

XXXTentacion’s murder suspects’ defence attorney attempted to serve Drake with court documents on Valentine’s Day, but the process server got into a fight with the rapper’s security personnel. The incident happened when Drake’s security team resisted the process server’s attempt to deliver the court documents.

It was a tense situation, but the papers were not finally served. According to court records, Dedrick Williams’ defence attorney is still attempting to question Drake about the XXXTentacion murder suspect. When Drake was initially ordered to be deposed, his attorney resisted the demand.

Drake was spared from doing a deposition after the judge ultimately found in favour of the objection. He is still required by the court order, according to the defence attorney representing Drake, to cooperate and provide the defence team with relevant information.


Despite the deposition being vacated, the attorney claimed that the judge still expected the parties to cooperate. A lawyer hired a process server to deliver a fresh subpoena to Drake at his opulent Beverly Crest mansion on Valentine’s Day.

The armed guards posted at the front of the property refused to allow the process server to serve Drake the legal document, despite the fact that Drake had previously accepted service there. The process server recalled that he was forced to post the subpoena after the guards shut the huge gate in his face.

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The document was nonetheless kicked down the long driveway leading to the mansion by one of Drake’s security guards. Later, when a second process server showed up at the property, he was met with the same hostile behaviour from the armed guards, who told him to leave right away.

The server claimed that when he asked for the name of a guard, the reply was, “Nope, there is no need. You folks need to leave private property. You folks need to leave the private property since it is.

The process server claims that when one of the guards was informed that they could legally serve as a guard, they refused to do so, claiming that they were under no obligation to do so or accept the papers.

The guard threatened to destroy any papers left behind, so the process server decided against leaving the papers behind. Drake has been charged by the defence attorney with trying to prolong the murder trial. The attorney has demanded that Drake be called in for another deposition as the trial progresses.

The judge has not yet issued a decision on the issue, though.