Playboi Carti’s Concert in Rolling Loud, California, Was Cut Short When A Fan Got Hurt!

During Playboi Carti’s set at Rolling Loud in California, things got a little out of hand.

A Daily Breeze article from Saturday, March 4, said that Playboi Carti’s show at the 2023 Rolling Loud California music festival was cut short after a rowdy crowd jumped over the barriers and smashed into fans in the front row. The person who made the band Whole Lotta Red had already played three songs when this happened.

The news website said that Carti’s high-energy show caused a lot of people to start moshing and breaking through the barriers, crushing people in the front row. It made the rapper from “Magnolia” stop the show and tell the crowd to move back. He was quickly taken off stage.

According to reports, Rolling Loud co-creator Tariq Cherif also yelled into the microphone, “The crowd needs to settle down, and everybody who leaped over the barricade needs to leave, or we will shut this thing down.”

According to a Twitter user who was there at the concert, a 16-year-old fan was injured and lost oxygen during the melee. The observer also noted that the adolescent received medical care and is “getting well.”

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It was said that the shutdown lasted 30 minutes and cut into the time that Carti had to perform. Still, the Atlanta rapper was able to keep going with his show for another 30 minutes. During his show, Carti played a new song for the first time. You can watch it below.

The media has reached out to Rolling Loud California to find out what they have to say.

Watch Playboi Carti’s Whole Set At 2023 Rolling Loud California Below