Police Want Kodak Black After He Failed a Drug Test

kodak black wanted police fail drug test

Kodak Black is once again in trouble with the law. Police in Broward County, Florida, are looking for the South Florida rapper because they say he failed a drug test earlier this month.

TMZ reported on Saturday (Feb. 26) that a judge signed an arrest warrant for Kodak Black, whose new name is Bill K. Kapri, on Thursday (Feb. 23). The warrant was then sent to Broward County court on Friday (Feb. 24). (Feb. 24). From what I’ve heard, the papers said that Kodak broke the terms of his probation agreement twice this month.

The news source said that the agency Yak is supposed to go to for a random drug test said that he didn’t show up for a screening and didn’t give a sample on February 3. Then, on February 8, the same agency said that Kodak had sent in a sample that day and that it had traces of fentanyl.

kodak black wanted police fail drug test

This made it possible for the judge to order that Kodak be arrested. If the 25-year-old rapper is caught, he would be arrested and held without bond until his next hearing in his felony drug case in July 2022.

In that case, Kodak was arrested after police stopped his car for speeding and found more than 30 Oxycodone pills in it. After paying a $75,000 bond, he was finally let out of jail.

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Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, told sources that the Oxycodone pills Yak had when he was arrested on July 15, 2022, were prescription pills that a doctor had told him to take for chronic pain from being shot earlier this year.

Cohen also said that the “Super Gremlin” rapper still feels pain from a beating he supposedly got in 2020 from prison guards. Kodak Black’s rep and lawyer have been contacted by sources to get their thoughts on the rapper’s latest arrest warrant.

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