Superstar Pride’s ‘Painting Pictures’ Returns To Streaming Services After Faith Evans Sample Clearance!

superstar prides painting pictures back streaming clearing faith evans sample

The hit song “Painting Pictures” by superstar Pride is back on streaming services after it was taken down because of sample clearance issues after it climbed to No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

After a day in DSP purgatory, the Mississippi rapper’s hit song was back on streaming sites like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music on March 10. The return of the song is a big win for the independent rapper, who has had a lot of success with it.

It seems that Superstar Pride’s team fixed the sample clearance problems that caused the song to be pulled in the first place. “Painting Pictures” was made by StunnaMade and Global Knockz, and it uses a sample of Faith Evans’ hit song “Soon As I Get Home” from 1995.

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“Soon As I Get Home” was released by Bad Boy/Arista and was on Evans’ debut album, Faith. “Painting Pictures” is on Superstar’s 5 lb of Pressure EP, which came out in October 2022. It has unrelenting street lyrics over a sultry throwback beat.

superstar prides painting pictures back streaming clearing faith evans sample

The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 22 at number 99. The next week, it moved up to No. 34, and this week, it moved up to No. 25.

Painting Pictures” is becoming more and more popular, and TikTok is a big reason why. The song has been used in a lot of viral videos on the app. Superstar told a source not long ago that the platform “gives local artists a chance to show the world who they are.”

He also said that he thinks it’s “funny” that memes have been made from his hit song. Reports say that SP is getting more than one offer because of his hit single.

“Painting Pictures” By Superstar Pride Can Be Heard Below


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