T.I. Claims He Made Up The Story About Snitching on His Dead Cousin!

Boosie BadAzz called T.I. a rat because Tip admitted on a 2020 podcast episode that he had told on his dead cousin. T.I. wants to set the record straight. Now, the Atlanta rapper says that the whole story about him snitching was made up.

On Tuesday (Feb. 21), T.I. did an interview with the YouTube channel Trap News Network to talk about how he got into the news after Boosie said he scrapped their joint album because of the backlash he got after T.I. admitted to helping police with a gun case he and his cousin caught 10 years ago. T.I. said in the now-famous clip that he was making up a story.

At 5:55 in the video below, T.I. says, “It came from a conversation my partner and I were having.” “Hey, bro, if you and I catch a case together and I die before you, it’s mine,” was what was said in that conversation.

“No, I can’t do that,” he said. [I said] ‘Yes you can. I own it. Why can’t you? I don’t understand it.’ “No, I can’t do it,” he said. Do you get what I’m saying? He said, “I can’t say anything bad about anyone who does it, and I can’t do it myself.”

ti made up-story-snitching-dead-cousin

T.I. went on: “So, based on what we talked about, I made a set of circumstances. Do you understand? I thought it was clear that I was making something up when I said, “I talked to my cousin, and he told me…”

The interviewer then asked T.I. what he thought by saying, “They didn’t get the satire, they didn’t get the change in tone of voice, and they didn’t get that you were basically being sarcastic.”

“They didn’t get humor, satire, or sarcasm,” T.I. agreed. Tuesday, T.I. didn’t just use that as the only way to clear his name. He also posted about Boosie on social media. “I don’t know if you or your “OG Uncle” needs to see it, but I GOT MY PAPERWORK READY TO SHOW!!!”

T.I. put a caption on a video of Boosie’s recent interview. The caption said that Boosie’s uncle told him not to release the album with Tip. “HOLD ON!!! My phone number and address are the same, my nigga.

To go on the Internet and talk about things you’ve never talked to me about makes me think you’ve been hiding your heart the whole time!!! T.I. then told Boosie that he was wrong because he had never checked any official documents before saying that T.I. had snitched.

“I’d never say anything bad about your name or reputation because of an “IF” friend. The convict code says, “When in doubt, pull out the paperwork!” T.I. went on.

ti made up-story-snitching-dead-cousin

“‘IF’ you didn’t do that… Now, I don’t know what kind of time you’re on, but I’ll say it again: “IF” you had a question or were confused about something I said, you could have called and asked, so I could report back and tell you “OG,” or you could have pulled over and checked the black and white, which is what I’m offering you now.

“No matter what, my nigga,” he said, “I’m not tied to no nigga’s opinion of me.” “Because what they “THINK” will NEVER get in the way of what I KNOW!!! So don’t wonder anymore, homie.

Answer the “IF.” Pull up and tell the rest of these girls whose opinions matter so much to you what you found out. Because I could not care less what anyone thinks of me!

The Grand Hustle rapper ended by saying that he was disappointed in his former partner, with whom he used to work a lot. “‘The tail shall never wag the dog.’ Leadership leads with facts and figures. We don’t follow any fantasy crap.

Remember that!!! The tip is done. “I’m not getting on my knees for anything or being afraid of anything but God!!! So come on and look at what you’re talking about so you can talk more intelligently the next time. @mamaheliveagain. 2.0 I thought you would do better.

This crap isn’t good. I must have thought we were something we weren’t. The problem between Boosie and T.I. started on Monday, February 20, when VladTV released a new interview with Boosie. When asked about T.I.’s admission in a resurfaced podcast interview from 2020 that he had ratted out his own dead cousin, Boosie went off.

“In the T.I. situation, if he did that, you’re a rat, too,” Boosie said at the 3:52 mark of the interview below. “I don’t look out for anyone. Because if you are doing something wrong and you work with the police to get out of trouble, you are cooperating. That means you are a rat.”

Still, Boosie was willing to accept that T.I. could be lying.

“But I’m going to tell you this,” Boosie said. “When I saw that, I think T.I. is lying like a fucking pig. I think he went up there and started talking about fucking things. You think something happened when you were 17 or 18.

How talkative he is. Are you going to keep that in all those times? All this time, twenty or so years, you were going to hold that in, and now it’s finally out?” The main problem comes from something T.I. said on a podcast episode from 2020 that has just been found again.

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He said that he told on his cousin, who died after he and T.I. were both caught with guns. T.I. said on the show, “We caught those gun cases, but Toot died.” “My lawyer said, ‘Well, you know if it was Toot’s or Tremel’s, I could make everything go away.’

I spoke with him after he had died. Toot said, “I’ll take all of your charges.” If you can get away with it and put it on me, then goddamn right, because I’ll be damned if they come and M******in extradite me from here.'”

As T.I. has pointed out, it looks like the snippet was taken out of context.

See Below for T.I.’s Explanation of How He Made up The Story About His Cousin and The Snitch