T.I. Says He Made Up A Story About How His Dead Cousin Was A Snitch.

T.I. is correcting the record after Boosie BadAzz referred to him as a rat after Tip admitted in a 2020 podcast episode that he had snitched on his deceased relative. Now, the Atlanta rapper claims that the entire snitching tale was fabricated.

On Tuesday (Feb. 21), T.I. sat down with the YouTube channel Trap News Network to discuss his making headlines after Boosie claimed he had shelved their joint album because of the hostility he received after T.I. admitted to assisting with police on a decade-old gun case Tip caught with his cousin.

T.I. stated that he fabricated the story in the now-infamous video. At the 5:55 mark of the video below, “It arose from a conversation my boyfriend and I were having,” says T.I. “The conversation was as follows: “Listen, if you and I catch a case together and I die first, it’s mine.


He responded, “No, I cannot do that.” [I said] ‘Sure you can. It is my property. Why can’t you? I don’t comprehend it.’ He responded, “I can’t do that.” Understand what I mean? He stated, “I can’t say anything about those who do it, but I can’t do it myself.”

T.I. remarked, “Consequently, I constructed a set of circumstances based on that conversation. Understand what I mean? And I believed the embellishment was obvious when I stated, “I spoke with my cousin, and he told me…”

The interviewer then triggered T.I.’s reaction by stating that “they didn’t get the satire, they didn’t get the change in voice intonation, and they didn’t realize that you were essentially being sarcastic.”

T.I. concurred, “Humor, satire, and sarcasm escaped them.” Tuesday, T.I. released a message clearing his name through more channels. He also utilized social media to criticize Boosie.

“I Don’t Know if It’s You or Ya ‘og Uncle’ Who Needs to View It, but My Paperwork Is Ready to Show!!” T.I. Captioned the Video of Boosie’s Recent Interview with A Reference to Boosie’s Uncle Telling Him Not to Release the Record Featuring Tip.

“Rise Up!!! My Number and Address Remain the Same, My Nigga. to Come on The Internet and Speak About Things You’ve Never Spoken with Me Leads Me to Believe You’ve Been Hiding Your Heart the Entire Time!!!”

T.I. then criticized Boosie for never having examined any official documentation prior to claiming T.I. had ratted. “I’d Never talk ‘certain disrespect’ on your name/reputation regarding an ‘IF’ friend… da prisoner code says When in doubt…pull out the documentation!!!”

T.I. carried on. “IF you have not done that… Now… I don’t know what time you’re on, but I’ll say it again… ‘IF’ you had a query or confusion about anything I said, you could’ve called and asked…. so you could report back and get the ‘OG‘…or you could’ve pulled up and checked the black and white as I’m offering now.

“But, my nigga… I’m not limited by anyone’s view of me,” he added. “Because what they ‘THINK’ will Never take precedence over what I Know!!!

Don’t ponder any longer, homie… answer the ‘IF’… Pull Up and report back to the rest of these women whose opinions you value so highly. Because I Couldn’t Give a F*ck what anyone thinks of me!” The Grand Hustle rapper completed his verse by voicing his dissatisfaction with his former frequent collaborator.

“‘The tail shall never wag the dog’ Leadership Leads… with facts and statistics… we don’t follow any fantasyland crap…remember that!!!” The advice concludes. “I’m not bending my knees or fearing anything other than God!!!

Come on and examine what you’re talking about so that you can speak sensibly the following time. @mamaheliveagain. 2.0 I had higher hopes for you. This crap is not solid. Clearly, I believed we were something we were not.”


The dispute between Boosie and T.I. began on Monday (Feb. 20), when VladTV published a new interview with Boosie in which the Baton Rouge, La. rapper exploded when asked about T.I.’s confession to snitching on his own dead cousin in an unearthed podcast interview from 2020.

“In the T.I. situation, if he did that, you’re a rat too,” Boosie said at the 3:52 mark of the following interview. “I spare nobody one muthafucka. Because working with law enforcement to get you out of trouble constitutes cooperation if you are committing a crime. This indicates you are a rat.”

Yet, Boosie was willing to concede that T.I. may have been lying.

But I’ll tell you this, continued Boosie. “When I saw that, I suspected that T.I. was lying. I believe he went up there and began fuck talking. You believe something occurred when you were 17, or 18, correct? How talkative he is. You’re going to keep that in at all times?

All this time, twenty or so years, you were going to hold that in and it eventually came out?” The crux of the matter derives from a comment T.I. made on a podcast episode from 2020 that has recently resurfaced, in which he said he ratted out his cousin who died after they were charged with a gun offense together.

“We caught those gun cases, and Toot was killed,” T.I. said on his show. “My attorney stated, ‘Oh, you know, I could make everything disappear if it were Toot’s or Tremel’s.’

After his passing, I had a conversation with him. Toot stated, “I’ll accept all of your charges.” If you can walk away free and put the blame on me, then goddamn right. I’ll be damned if they try to extradite me from here.

According to T.I., the excerpt was apparently taken out of context.