These Are All The Rappers Who Are Facing Rico Cases Right Now

Rappers have increasingly been charged with breaking the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in recent months.

According to this law, a number of musicians, including Young Thug, Kay Flock, Casanova, Fetty Wap, and others, have been charged with murder, drug trafficking, and other crimes. Federal legislation known as RICO was predominantly applied in the 1970s to combat organized crime in the United States.

The legislation prohibits people or an organization from participating in organized criminal conduct as part of a continuing criminal enterprise aka a gang or a mob. These crimes could consist of homicide, robbery, money laundering, terrorism, and more.

rappers rico cases

Prosecutors must demonstrate two or more instances of racketeering that took place during a 10-year period in order to convict someone of a crime under RICO. For instance, Young Thug is now defending himself in a significant RICO case.

Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 other YSL employees were detained on May 9, 2022, shocking the local hip-hop scene in Atlanta. Prosecutors in Fulton County claim that Thug is the head of a gang that is responsible for at least 50 murders.

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The trial for Thugger and some of his co-defendants is underway and is anticipated to last until at least 2023. Several RICO cases involve several different types of crimes, such as murder, interstate drug trafficking, and even prostitution.

Rappers that have been slapped with RICO charges in the past include Bobby Shmurda and 6ix9ine, among others. Because of the large number of musicians who are now being investigated by the law, sources made the decision to delve deeper and examine rappers who are currently involved in RICO cases below.