T.I. Brings His Alleged Police Paperwork To A Restaurant and Criticizes Boosie Badazz For Not Showing Up!

T.I. wants everyone to know that he is not a rat, and he says he has the papers to prove it.

On Friday night (Feb. 24), Tip showed up at his Atlanta restaurant, Trap City Cafe, with what he said were police papers that show he didn’t help them with one of his court cases.

In the video of his appearance below, T.I. says, “I’ve got some paperwork to show them.” “And when you leave this muthafucka out, please let a muthafuck** know that the paperwork was there. If they weren’t here, they shouldn’t be talking about the king at all.”

TI Police Paperwork Restaurant Boosie

“I’ve been waiting for one special guest who was invited, but he hasn’t shown up yet,” T.I. said next. “But it was someone who had something to say about me and was upset with how I handled some of my cases. But he’s not here to look at my documents. I just don’t like for a nigga to get fly then get shy. I am right in the middle. So, if you have something to say about me, say it. If you think something is what it isn’t, there’s only one way to set you straight. Come on up, and I’ll show you what you need. I want to see who want to see.”

Later, T.I. explained who his “special invited guest” really was. Tip called out Boosie BadAzz in the comments section of an Instagram post that showed him at an Atlanta Hawks game.

“According to the convict law, you were supposed to be up here at [Trap City Cafe] checking the paperwork and straightening your face, say boy,” T.I. wrote.

“I text U,” Boosie said in response to the comment.

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Boosie opened a can of worms when he called T.I. a rat in a recent VladTV interview. He was talking about a podcast interview from 2020 in which Tip said he told on his dead cousin. Boosie also said that the backlash over Tip’s comments caused him to cancel their album. It doesn’t help that there are still rumors that T.I. helped the police in 2007 so he could get a lighter sentence.

The rapper from Atlanta has been trying to clear his name. T.I. told Boosie in a long Instagram comment that he should have talked to him before making claims on VladTV. Later, T.I. said that the whole story about him telling on his cousin was made up and taken out of context.

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See T.I. Showing Off His Alleged Police Papers And Calling Out Boosie Below