Toosii Says a Cop Pulled a Gun on Him After The Rapper’s Own Gun Fell Out, Argues With Police!

Last night, Toosii had a run-in with the police, and he says it could have been fatal.

Toosii posted a video of his encounter with police in North Carolina on his Instagram account on March 11. The 2021 media Freshman says in the clip that a police officer pulled a gun on him after the rapper’s own gun fell out of his car. The 23-year-old artist is shown arguing with police and stating that a police officer allegedly pulled a gun on him moments before he nearly died.

In the video below, he told the police officers, “I didn’t pull a gun on him.” “My gun fell to the ground. No, I didn’t drop it. It fell out of my car.”

When Toosii placed his hands up after picking up the gun and placing it in the car, a police officer allegedly nevertheless pulled a gun on him without having any justification.

“You were going to shoot me dead,” he tells the officer. “This n***a kept saying ‘gun, gun, gun’ like someone was going to be like, what the f**k?”

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Toosii Says a Cop Pulled a Gun on Him After The Rapper's Own Gun Fell Out, Argues With Police

The police officer insisted that it wasn’t him who yelled “gun, gun, gun.” But Toosii strongly disagreed with the officer’s answer, saying that he was the only one who pulled a gun on him. Several police officers joined the conversation and began to argue with the rapper.

It’s not clear where in North Carolina the thing happened.

Toosii wrote in the video description of what happened with the police. He typed:

“I live in the state of North Carolina, just so you know. I am also licensed to carry in a state where anyone can carry a gun. Officer dip sh*t pulls his pistol on me because he’s so terrified for his life and ready to kill an innocent man and take him away from his family, despite the fact that you would think officers would be better trained for instances like this! I can’t believe that someone who went through so much training could have really acted like that… Tonight, I could have died for no reason because some coward was too scared to do his job properly [thumbs down emoji].”

The media has asked Toosi’s representative for comment.

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Here’s A Video of Toosii’s Tense Exchange With The North Carolina Police