Travis Scott And His Lawyer Are Planning To Meet With The NYPD Next Week To Talk About An Assault Charge

A law enforcement official confirms to a source that musician Travis Scott and his attorney will meet with representatives from the New York Police Department after the rapper was accused of assault at a New York City club early on Wednesday.

Police are reportedly looking into claims that Scott punched a sound engineer and ruined $12,000 worth of sound equipment at the Nebula nightclub in midtown Manhattan. This was earlier reported by the source.

Scott has not been mentioned as a suspect in the event, and no charges have been brought against anyone. “Travis’ legal counsel is actively coordinating with the authorities and remains optimistic that Travis will be vindicated after everything is said and done,” a spokeswoman for Scott told a source on Thursday.

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The statement continued, “Any claims regarding the Travis incident are plainly an attempt to sensationalize what is nothing more than a misunderstanding.

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Earlier on Wednesday, Mitchell Schuster, Scott’s lawyer, told the source that the event was “obviously a mistake” and that they were working with the authorities.

Several lawsuits against Scott are still pending in connection with the incident at his Astroworld Festival in Houston in 2021 that resulted in 10 fatalities and numerous injuries. Scott has disclaimed being at fault.