Tyga And Avril Lavigne Kiss And They Confirmed Dating At A Paris Fashion Week Event

tyga avril lavigne kiss dating

Fans of both Tyga and Avril Lavigne were shocked by rumors that they were dating at the end of last month. Today, they kissed at a Paris Fashion Week event to confirm that they are dating. As part of Paris Fashion Week, the two artists went to the Pavillon des Invalides on March 6 for the Mugler x Hunter Schafer party.

At the event, Tyga and Avril were laughing and talking with their friends. Also, they held hands and hugged. Even the moment they kissed was caught on camera. Look at the picture at the end of this post. There were rumors about the rapper and singer last month.

When paparazzi caught Tyga and Avril hugging outside the popular L.A. restaurant NOBU on Feb. 19, people wanted to know if they were dating or not. The talk about dating began after that. The two people were waiting for their car to be brought to them by valet, and they left in the same car.

tyga avril lavigne kiss dating

Sources said that Tyga and Avril have been hanging out more recently. Fans were surprised by the relationship because Tyga, who is 33, and Avril, who is 38, have never been friends or known each other in any other way. Tyga has dated Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner.

About a year ago, Avril was engaged to the artist Mod Sun. Fans of Avril and Mod were confused when they heard that Tyga and Avril might be dating since neither she nor Mod had said they were breaking up.

But after Avril and Tyga were seen together at NOBU nine days later, Mod said in an Instagram post that his “whole life changed.” “In one week, my whole life turned upside down… “I just know that everything is going to work out,” he wrote.

“I’ll keep my head up and always listen to my heart, even when it feels broken. Every night on tour, being surrounded by love has been a real blessing. Thanks for always having my back, my friends are the best in the world. “See you on stage,” he wrote on IG on February 28.

The people who work for Avril said she and Mod Sun broke up. Just two days after it was reported that she might be dating Tyga, a rep for her said that they had broken up. The same day, Mod’s rep said the singer didn’t know about the breakup.

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“They were together and engaged when he left for a tour three days ago, so if anything has changed, he doesn’t know about it,” Mod Sun’s representative said. Many fans are shocked and surprised by the fact that Tyga and Avril Lavigne are now a couple.

“Avril Lavigne and Tyga dating? “That’s even more shocking than if you told me Trump and Greta Thunberg were dating,” one Twitter user wrote. “This collaboration between Tyga and Avril Lavigne is crazy. “Every time my boy goes out with someone, he surprises me,” said another tweet.

“Tyga and Avril are so strange, this guy has no taste at all,” someone else said on Twitter.

Check out how fans reacted and how Tyga and Avril were caught kissing after that.

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